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Destiny: The Taken King – Get the Tlaloc Exotic Scout Rifle

by Prima Games Staff

Every class in Destiny is able to find and use an exclusive weapon. This feature will tell you how to get the Tlaloc Exotic Scout Rifle in Destiny: The Taken King. Only Warlocks can use the Tlaloc Exotic and you will need to complete different objectives in order to obtain it; there is no random loot drop for this item. To start, make sure you go to the Tower and speak to the Gunsmith, otherwise known as Banshee-44. Now follow these steps and the Tlaloc Exotic will be yours.

This may seem obvious, but make sure you play as a Warlock while trying to get the Tlaloc Exotic. After you receive it, only a Warlock will be able to wield this powerful weapon. Now on to the walkthrough! 

Reach Gunsmith Rank 3 

At the start, you must achieve Rank 3 Gunsmith reputation with Banshee-44. The best way to do this is to field test whatever weapons he has available. You’re able to visit him whenever you want, but ideally you should stop by every Armsday (Wednesday), when he refreshes his stock. We often pick up older weapons on Tuesday, field test these items and then grab the new set the following day. This significantly cuts down on the wait time between new stock. From there, we quickly dismantle these weapons to avoid decreasing our Light Level, since these are often weaker than the guns we normally equip. 

Kill 100 Enemies 

Now that you reached Gunsmith Rank 3, you will have access to a new mission, Back in the Saddle. Speak to Banshee-44 to pick up this mission, which tasks you with killing 100 enemies with a Scout Rifle while at the same time having a Primary Telemetry consumable active. If you already picked up a Scout Rifle from Banshee-44, go ahead and use it. Additionally, make sure you have a Primary Telemetry in your inventory. 

From there, proceed to Orbit and travel wherever you want. When you reach the destination, activate the Primary Telemetry and begin killing aliens.  We suggest going to Earth on Patrol, which puts you at the Steppes.  There are four groups of enemies nearby, and you can travel clockwise around this location slaughtering foes as you go. This should take 15-20 minutes, and since the Telemetry lasts 30 minutes, time shouldn’t be an issue. 

After killing 100 enemies, go to the Tower and engage Banshee-44 in conversation. Now he wants you to salvage custom parts for the weapon. Do this by dismantling Rare or Legendary Scout Rifles until the quest is complete. If for some reason you do not have enough Scout Rifles, you can grind through the game to obtain these weapons or buy some with Legendary Marks. You can even take apart Year One Legendary Scout Rifles if you have these weapons sitting around collecting virtual dust. When you have all the parts, go back to the Gunsmith. 

Turn in the parts and Banshee-44 hands over the Tlaloc Exotic Scout Rifle. 

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