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Destiny: The Taken King – How to Farm Exotic Engrams with Three of Coins

by Prima Games Staff

This Prima feature will tell you how to farm Exotic engrams using Three of Coins in Destiny: The Taken King. Three of Coins is a new item you can buy from Xur this weekend (September 18-20).  You must pay seven Strange Coins in exchange for five Three of Coins, which increases the chance of you obtaining an Exotic engram after defeating an Ultra (boss).

For now, it’s possible to essentially farm Exotic engrams providing you have enough Strange Coins to buy a ton, along with the Glimmer required to pick up ammo from the Gunsmith at the Tower. Doing the latter prevents you from slaying enemies in the hopes of obtaining more ammunition.

How to Use Three of Coins to Farm Exotic Engrams

Purchase as many Three of Coins packs as you can from Xur (he’s at the Tower this weekend, by the Speaker), then stock up on all three types of ammunition. When ready, go to Orbit.

Ideally, you want to go to Venus and take part in the Level 14 Story: Scourge of Winter mission, which ends in a boss fight against Draksis, the House of Winter’s Kell. If you play Destiny, there’s a good chance you’ve done this before.

Battle your way through this mission (or run through most of it, your choice) and walk up the stairs to the boss lair, but do not go inside.  Stand close enough so the doors open, then go into your inventory and activate one Three of Coins; Bungie insists this is a stackable item, increasing the odds of Exotic engrams the more you activate at once, but this isn’t necessary for the following scenario.

Draksis is directly ahead all the way on the other side of the room; you can’t miss him.  Pull out your sniper rifle and fire several shots as his head for critical damage. Keep in mind he will eventually disappear from sight. Meanwhile, you’re still in front of the open door.

Now slaughter as many Fallen as possible while standing in front of this door. Reason being, as soon as you enter the room the door will close. Not the end of the world since you’re probably high enough level to kill everything alive, but if you die before Draksis you waste the activated Three of Coins.

Whittle away Draksis’ health until he literally has a sliver remaining. Now equip a rocket launcher, run up to him (get as close as possible) and hit him with a rocket, killing both Draksis and your Guardian at the same time. There’s a great chance he will drop one or more Exotic engram.

Destiny will automatically respawn your Guardian in front of the same door leading to Draksis, and the Exotic engram he just dropped is still inside this room! Now you repeat the entire process over, letting the door open, activating one Three of Coins, sniping Draksis and then pulling off the suicide rocket blast. Regarding the sniper rifle, just pull off as many headshots as Draksis allows and if you feel brave enough, go into the room. A level 40 Destiny player should have no trouble pulling this off without dying, so long as he or she disposes of the pesky enemies running around. Be careful and take cover when necessary.

Keep in mind Draksis won’t drop an Exotic each time he dies, but the more Three of Coins you have, the better your chances. We managed to pick up at least five Exotics in a matter of minutes, and so can you!

Bungie will likely patch this soon, so make sure you take advantage before it’s too late.

To see this in action, watch the video below from YouTuber ifcatscould. For more Destiny, visit Prima’s The Taken King Walkthrough and Guide.

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