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Destiny: Rise of Iron – How to Get the Superblack Shader in Festival of the Lost

by Prima Games Staff

The time has come for Destiny’s Halloween event, and the Festival of the Lost is underway in the Tower. In this article, we’re going to show you how to obtain a special new shader, the Superblack Shader, which can only be unlocked during the special Festival of the Lost event.

How to Get a Tiny Box of Raisins

When you first load back into The Tower after the start of the Festival of the Lost, you’ll be tasked with speaking with several vendors around the social area. Head to each way point and speak with all of the vendors to receive pieces of candy. When you’re done, head over to Eris Morn, who will reward you with a Tiny Box of Raisins instead of the usual haul.

Many Destiny players may remember this box from last year’s Festival of the Lost. If you happened to hold onto your Tiny Box of Raisins, then you should already be a step ahead. With the boxed food item in hand, make your way over to The Speaker and talk to him. He’ll allow you to upgrade the Tiny Box of Raisins by using 25 Motes of Light to make them into Ascendant Raisins. From there, you simply need to follow a few steps to be rewarded with the Superblack Shader.

If you want to collect all the goodies in Destiny’s newest expansion, then be sure to check out our full guide to finding all the hidden Dormant Siva Cluster locations in Destiny: Rise of Iron. Collecting them all will reward you with more Grimoire score, and help you complete the Beauty in Delivery quest, which unlocks the Year 3 Gjallarhorn.

How to Get the Superblack Shader

With your Ascendant Raisins in hand, go to Zavala and speak with him. He’ll trade you a pack of Salted Sweets for the raisins. Now talk to Master Rahool (everyone’s favorite Cryptarch) and trade him the Salted Sweets for a Winged Chew. The Winged Chew can then be given to Amanda Holiday in exchange for Splice Drops. Take the Splice Drops over to Cayde-6, who will reward you with Unchocolate for your troubles.

The final step of the quest is to take the Unchocolate to Eris Morn, who will trade you a Bag of Treats for it, bringing the cycle to a close. All that is left to do now is open up the Bag of Treats and receive your Superblack Shader and a nice Piece of Celery. Nobody knows what to do with the celery yet, so just hold on to it. Once you have the new shader, make sure to head into the Wrath of the Machine Raid and show it off to all of your favorite Siva infused enemies.

The Festival of the Lost is a limited time event, which means you don’t have very long to get this sleek looking shader. Don’t be the only one in your Fireteam without this all-black shader. Log in today and complete the Tiny Box of Raisins mini-quest. If you follow the steps that we listed above, you should be able to get the Tiny Box of Raisins, turn it into Ascendant Raisins and then participate in a massive Tower wide gift exchange that rewards you with the Superblack Shader and a Piece of Celery.

You can learn more about the secrets and hidden items within Destiny by making your way over to our Destiny: Rise of Iron walkthrough for more information, tips, and collectible guides to help you find your way through the Plaguelands. 

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