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Destiny: Rise of Iron – How to Get SIVA Cache Keys and SIVA Key Fragments

by Prima Games Staff

If you want to make the most of Destiny: Rise of Iron, and all the new content that Bungie has added, you’re going to need to start gathering materials. One of the newest materials, SIVA Cache Keys, are consumables which can be used to open up chests in the Wrath of the Machine raid. You can only use one of these items per week (per character), though. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t stock up. In this article we go over all the ways that you can get SIVA Cache Keys, as well as the components that make them up, which are SIVA Key Fragments.

What are SIVA Cache Keys?

SIVA Cache Keys are a new consumable added to Destiny: Rise of Iron. They can be used in the Wrath of the Machine raid to unlock specific chests that drop after defeating certain bosses in the raid. Players can only use one SIVA Cache Key per week, per player character, so players with multiple characters can use multiple keys. These items are similar to the Moldering Shards that could be found during the King’s Fall raid, which released last year with Destiny: The Taken King.

How to Get SIVA Cache Keys

SIVA Cache Keys can only be obtained a certain number of ways. They do not drop like Splicer Keys, or even Skeleton Keys. To acquire more SIVA Cache Keys players must complete sections of the Wrath of the Machine raid, and open up chests within the raid. By opening up chests in the raid, players will obtain additional pieces of SIVA Key Fragments. These materials can be used to craft SIVA Cache Keys. To craft a SIVA Cache Key you must have 10 SIVA Key Fragments. You can also receive SIVA Cache Keys be completing specific quests in the Destiny: Rise of Iron content, however, the amount of quests that offer this item as a reward are currently unknown.

Now that you know all about SIVA Cache Keys, it’s time to dive into the rest of Destiny: Rise of Iron. Head on over to our complete walkthrough for more tips, tricks, and guides to the new content, including the full Wrath of the Machine raid, released with Bungie’s latest expansion.

That’s all the information we know about SIVA Cache Keys and SIVA Key Fragments. The only way to obtain them is to head into the Wrath of the Machine raid, and take on the bosses within the raid. We’re currently writing up a full strategic guide for each boss of the raid, so be sure to check out our other Destiny content on the site to learn more about those strategies, as well as find more hidden secrets in the raid. Destiny: Rise of Iron is available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One exclusively, so pick it up to take on the SIVA threat and become an Iron Lord.

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