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Destiny: Rise of Iron – How to Get Iron Lord Artifacts, Attunement, Champion of Light

by Prima Games Staff

Destiny: Rise of Iron is finally here, and we’ve had access to the game for almost two weeks now. During this time hundreds of thousands of Guardians have discovered new items, gear, and weapons. One such item you can obtain is an Iron Lord Artifact. In fact, if you want to complete the Rise of Iron Book that is included in the expansion, you will need to collect all 8 of these at some point. In this article we’ll teach you how to obtain Iron Lord Artifacts, and how to attune them so that you can use them on your characters.

How to Obtain Iron Lord Artifacts

Iron Lord Artifacts are special 350 Light Artifacts that can only be obtained from Tyra Karn, the new Cryptarch in the Iron Temple. In order to acquire one of these items you will need to complete a weekly quest called Champion of Light. This quest will task you with performing Noble Deeds throughout the Plaguelands. Once you’ve acquire the quest, you’ll need to head down to Earth, and load into the Patrol the Plaguelands area to get started.

How to Complete Champion of Light Weekly Patrol Quest

To complete this weekly patrol quest, and obtain a new Iron Lord Artifact, you must complete Noble Deeds in the Plaguelands. There isn’t any real information on what these Noble Deeds actually are, though completing portions of the new Wrath of the Machine raid, patrol missions, Archon Forge events, and other Public Events in the Plaguelands have been known to increase the current percentage. The easiest way to complete this quest is to hop in and Patrol the Plaguelands on Earth. Move around the different areas taking out Patrol Missions and killing SIVA infused enemies. Eventually, after around an hour or so of grinding, you should be able to complete the quest.

Now return to Tyra Karn and speak with her to receive your Iron Lord Artifact.

How to Attune Iron Lord Artifacts

Before you can equip your new Artifact you will have to attune it using the braziers in the Iron Temple. To do this, head behind Tyra Karn to the room with all the statues of the Iron Lords that helped stop SIVA at the beginning of the Rise of Iron storyline. Locate the statue that lines up with your current Artifact, and then interact with it to attune the Artifact and allow you to equip it. These Artifacts can also be moved around between your various characters in Destiny, however, each move will require a new attunement.

Now that you know how to complete the Champion of Light quest, and obtain an Iron Lord Artifact, it’s time to get out there and push SIVA back. Make sure you check out all our guides on Destiny’s latest content expansion, and be sure to check back often for updated guides and walkthroughs on new secrets as they’re found. Destiny: Rise of Iron is currently available on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, so be sure to pick it up and become an Iron Lord today.

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