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Destiny: Rise of Iron – How to Get Archon’s Forge Boons

by Prima Games Staff

Now that Destiny: Rise of Iron is out, players everywhere are trying to figure out all the ins and outs of the new systems. One of these systems, the Archon’s Forge, is a new public event style arena, similar to the Court of Oryx from Destiny: The Taken King. In the Archon’s Forge players can take on SIVA enemies, while also working to earn Archon Forge Boons. This article will teach you how to get Archon Forge Boons, which allow you to take out your enemies much quicker.

Understanding Archon’s Forge

The first step to getting an Archon’s Forge Boon is to understand how the Forge itself works. Similar to the Court of Oryx, players will interact with a terminal and use specific items, called SIVA Offerings, to spawn special enemies in the arena. Once the arena has begun, and the player has jumped in, the exits will be blocked off by SIVA wires. If you die and fail to be revived by your teammates before respawning, you will spawn outside the SIVA wires, and be forced to use a Splicer Key to get back in. We’ve already covered this information in-depth, so head over to our guide on the Archon’s Forge to find out more.

Getting the Boon

Now that you know how the Archon’s Forge works, it’s time to actually talk about the Boons. When you are undertaking an Archon’s Forge event, you will often times hear an alarm sound similar to the one you hear in the Prison of Elders, when the Dismantle or Destroy Mines event begins. When you hear this alarm, text will appear on your screen that says “Your Worth will be tested.” After you hear this several SIVA nodes will appear around the Archon’s Forge. You will need to destroy them quickly. If you destroy them quickly enough, one of the two unused spheres in the Archon’s Forge will open revealing up to three Iron Lord Battleaxe Relics. You must pick the axes up to earn the boon. Since you know how the Archon’s Forge works, and now you know how to get the Archon’s Forge Boon, head back over to our Destiny: Rise of Iron walkthrough for more tips, tricks, and guides to help you get ahead in Destiny: Rise of Iron.

Now that you understand how the Archon’s Forge Boon works, and know how to get it, it’s time to dive back in and make your mark in the latest expansion for Bungie’s first person shoot and loot. We’ll be covering every extension of the new expansion pack throughout the coming days, so check back often for new guides, tips, and tricks. Destiny: Rise of Iron is now available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One game systems, exclusively.

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