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Destiny: Rise of Iron – Find the Khvostov 7G-0X Exotic Assault Rifle

by Prima Games Staff

For Destiny: Rise of Iron players that have been with Bungie since the start, the Khvostov will be a very familiar weapon. This gun, which is actually the weapon that players first pick up when they start a new character in Destiny, has now been upgraded to a special new Exotic weapon for the release of the latest expansion. In this article we will talk you through all of the steps needed to get the Exotic Quest We Found a Rifle, and complete it so you can unlock the Khvostov 7G-0X Exotic Assault Rifle.

Get the Khvostov 7G Schematic

There are two ways to get this quest started. If you happen to have a Khvostov Assault Rifle, then you can simple break it down to receive the Khvostov 7G Schematic. Or, if you don’t have any of the original Khvostov laying around, you will need to do a little bit more. First, make your way through the Rise of Iron campaign until you arrive inside of the Plaguelands. Once in this new area, you will be able to find a Hive Wizard called a Brood Mother. If you kill this Wizard you will receive a Splicer Intel Relay.

After you have obtained a Splicer Intel Relay, make your way back to the Breach via The Divide. You’ll need to continue through the area towards where the game first starts until you reach a terminal. Have Ghost hack the terminal using the Splicer Intel Relay that you received from the Brood Mother, and then head through the now open laser grid. Continue to the Fallen Ketch, where you will need to kill a Pilot Servitor. After the Servitor has been defeated, locate a chest in the back corner and unlock it to receive the Khvostov 7G Schematic.

It should also be noted that we had to face a group of Hive enemies on the Ketch during one of our attempts to grab the schematic. During that time the Pilot Servitor was nowhere to be found. This leads us to believe that there may be different situations set up for this part of the quest.

Collect Manual Pages and Khostov Weapon Parts

The next part of the quest won’t actually begin until you return to the Iron Temple, which is in the Felwinter Peak Social Area. Head to this place and speak with the Exo Shiro-4. He will continue the quest by tasking you with gathering 10 Khvostov Manual Pages and 3 Khvostov Weapon Parts. To find the Manual Pages, simply head back to the Plaguelands via Patrol and kill Devil Splicers until you have gathered 10 of this item. Gathering up the weapon parts will take a bit more work, but never fear, we’ve done all the footwork and you can find them all by looking at our short guide below.

This first Khvostov Weapon Part can be found under a group of stairs inside of Dock 13. This is the same area where you first get your ship in the beginning of Destiny’s main storyline.

You can find the second Khvostov Weapon Part by heading to the Refinery, as if you were going to complete the Devil’s Lair strike from Year 1. This is the strike where you would have to face off against Sepiks Prime. Look for the area in the image to find this weapon part.

Continue making your way through the Refinery area and out into The Blast, where you face the Fallen Devil Walker during The Devil’s Lair strike. Head to the building in the center of the area, jump on top of it, and then locate the broken down walkway to find the last Khvostov Weapon Part.

With all three Khvostov parts and all 10 Manual Pages collected, it is time to continue your quest to grab the Khvostov Exotic Assault Rifle.

Complete A Khvostov Rising

The final portion of this quest is fairly simple. After your return to Felwinter Peak and speak to Shiro-4 once more, he will task you with finding a Firing Pin for the Khvostov, so that you can finish putting it together. Simply head back into orbit, locate this mission on Earth in the Director, and then power through the mission, where you will have to face down against an SIVA infected Fallen Captain. It’s a tough mission, so we’d suggest bringing some friends along. Once you’ve defeated the Fallen Captain the Khvostov 7G-0X will drop, and you can equip it right then and there as you work to finish the mission.

Now that you’ve finished up this Exotic Quest, head back over to our main Destiny: Rise of Iron walkthrough for more tips and guides.

If you follow all the steps listed above, you shouldn’t have any problems completing this Exotic Quest and obtaining the Khvostov 7G-0X Exotic Assault Rifle. Don’t forget to head back to Felwinter Peak and speak with Shiro-4 to complete the quest and earn some additional experience for your Guardian. We’ll be covering more Exotic Quests in the coming days, so be sure to stay tuned to Primagames for all your Destiny: Rise of Iron guides, walkthroughs, and tips.

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