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Destiny: Rise of Iron – Find the Archon’s Forge

by Prima Games Staff

This short article will show you how to find the Archon’s Forge in Destiny: Rise of Iron. The Archon’s Forge is Destiny’s new Public Event space that acts in a similar way to The Taken King’s Court of Oryx or House of Wolves’ Prison of Elders. Players present SIVA Offerings to a machine which summons a boss depending on the offering inserted. Defeating the boss within the time limit gives you the chance to earn high-end gear! Here’s a quick step-by-step process on how to find the Archon’s Forge and don’t forget to check out how Archon’s Forge works in our Destiny: Rise of Iron walkthrough and guide.

Step 1: Patrol the Plaguelands

Select Patrol the Plaguelands from Earth and launch.

Step 2: Lords’ Watch

You will spawn at Lords’ Watch, from here you will need to summon your Sparrow and head right.

Step 3: Giant’s Husk

Enter Giant’s Husk from Lords’ Watch and stick to the right. You will pass between the hull of a ship. Continue forward until you approach the cliff then turn left until you reach the next loading zone.

Step 4: Doomed Sea

You will enter a short area called the Doomed Sea that acts as a connector between the previous area and the next that holds access to the Archon’s Forge. There is little to find in this area but be careful weaving around as there are plenty of cliffs to fall off.

Step 5: The Archon’s Keep

Enter The Archon’s Keep area and follow the path around to the left and then as it wraps around to the right. Pay attention as this area has plenty of lava pools ready to swallow you up. Aim for the Keep on the top of the hill. Enter the Keep and either stay on your Sparrow or get off. Move deeper into the Keep.

Step 6: Archon’s Forge

You will reach the Archon’s Forge loading zone and come out onto a balcony overlooking the arena. This is the Archon’s Forge, the place where you summon bosses to fight in a similar fashion to Court of Oryx. On the right side of the balcony is a small Fallen computer where you will insert SIVA Offerings. These are used to summon a boss.

If you followed this short guide you will know how to find the Archon’s Forge in Destiny: Rise of Iron.

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