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Destiny: Rise of Iron – All Iron Medallion Locations, Beauty in Destruction

by Prima Games Staff

Everyone’s favorite Exotic Rocket Launcher is back in Destiny: Rise of Iron. Instead of finding it randomly, or having to purchase it from a vendor, players looking to grab the new and improved Gjallarhorn will need to complete an Exotic questline given to them by Lord Saladin. During that quest you must find and acquire seven Iron Medallions. In this article we will detail each and every Iron Medallion location in Destiny: Rise of Iron, and show players how to get them so that each and every Guardian out there can have their very own Gjallarhorn.

Complete the Previous Quest Tasks

Once you receive the Beauty in Destruction Exotic Quest from Lord Saladin in the Iron Temple, you’ll be tasked with completing several different tiers of the quest line. If you’re having trouble making your way through any of these steps, be sure to check out our guide on how to get your new Gjallarhorn in Destiny: Rise of Iron. We won’t be covering the other steps here, instead we’re going to go ahead and dive into all the details about finding each and every Iron Medallion you need to finish this quest up.

Iron Medallion Locations

Now that you’ve reached this task in the questline, it’s time to start scouring the Plaguelands for these seven important collectibles. We’ve include images below, to help you along the way, so be sure to check up on your progress by comparing our location in the screenshots to your location in game.

The easiest Iron Medallion to locate and acquire can be found at the Iron Temple in the new social area atop Felwinter Peak. Locate the Bounty Tracker and then climb up the outcropped rocks to find this item a little way up.

To find the next Iron Medallion you will need to spawn in to the Patrol the Plaguelands node on Earth. Travel here using the Director, and then wait for your game to load. Once you arrive in Lord’s Watch, the area where you spawn, turn to you right and locate the small building in the screenshot below. Head inside it to find this Iron Medallion on a shelf, just waiting to be picked up.

Hop on your Sparrow, while still patrolling, and make your way to Giant’s Husk, it’s the zone with the giant overpass and all the shipping containers. Climb up the overpass and locate this small cubby hole between some of the containers to acquire this Iron Medallion and grow your collection.

Make your way to the Archon’s Keep via Sparrow, and then head towards the tower on the hill. Don’t go inside the tower, though. You’ll actually find this Iron Medallion in the pile of scrap metal and junk behind the tower. Interact with it to collect it.

Head through the Archon Forge and down through the tunnels lined with Siva until you arrive in Site 6. The Archon Forge can be reached by spawning in to Patrol the Plaguelands, hopping on your sparrow, and then continuing right until you reach the Archon’s Keep. As soon as you drop into Site 6, look to your left to spot this Iron Medallion resting on the ground beneath the pipes that line the wall, just at the top of the stairs.

To find this Iron Medallion you will need to make your way to Bunker Triglav, which can be found by heading left from your spawn in Lord’s Watch when choosing Patrol the Plaguelands. Once you arrive at the Bunker, look to your right, and head into the open area. You’ll find this Iron Medallion by following the left wall until you spot a room. The medallion is on the ground in the hall.

The final Iron Medallion on our list, this item can be collected from the Forgotten Pass. Make your way through Bunker Triglav from Lord’s Watch, and then locate the broken down and decrepit truck on the bridge. This Iron Medallion will be on the ground beside one of the Fallen crates at the very edge of the bridge.

If you use the images above, and follow our instructions, you shouldn’t run into any issues as you try to find these Iron Medallions. Collecting all these medallions will progress the Beauty in Destruction Exotic questline, and allow you to eventually earn yourself a new 350 Defense Gjallarhorn. We’ll be covering all the new Exotic quests and secrets in Destiny: Rise of Iron over the coming weeks, so stay tuned to Prima Games for in-depth walkthroughs, tips, and tricks to keep your Guardian ahead of the game.

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