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Destiny: How to Get the Lysander’s Cry Sparrow

by Vin Genova

This guide will show you how to get Lysander’s Cry, the new secret Sparrow for Destiny’s SRL Sparrow Racing event. Lysander’s Cry is a Legendary Sparrow with a cool colorway, and it is surprisingly easy to unlock. You have to find the Lysander’s Cry Dead Ghost first, however. Read on to find the Dead Ghost, open the package, and unlock the Lysander’s Cry secret Sparrow in Destiny!

Lysander’s Cry Step 1: Find the Lysander’s Cry Dead Ghost on Bannerfall

The Lysader’s Cry Dead Ghost is located on Bannerfall, and can only be found in a Private Lobby. Our directions will be based on flag locations, so if you are not sure where flags are on Bannerfall, start a Private Control match to have them there.

Head to the B Flag in the center of Bannerfall. Once you get to B, turn so the wide open courtyard on your right, and the Tree near B is on your left. Head through the archway towards C, and stay left when you reach the building in front of you, seen below.

Once inside the building, you will see a metal cage with white accents. Make a left immediately after this cage, do not keep going straight towards the hanging white banners.

In the corner you will see a few ammo boxes, couch down and the Lysander’s Cry Dead Ghost will be on the bottom shelf! Hold X on Xbox or Square on PS4 to activate the Dead Ghost. You will see a Grimoire score pop up, you can now exit Bannerfall and head to the next step of finding the Lysander’s Cry secret Sparrow!

Lysander’s Cry Step 2: Find Lysander’s Gift

In order to find the secret Sparrow in Destiny, you will have to open Lysander’s Gift. Head to the Tower, and go to the right towards Amanda Holliday. Amanda is the Tower Shipwright, so it makes since Lysander would leave his Sparrow by her.

Once at Holliday, turn around and head passed the Hunter banner hanging near the steps. Make a right down the hallway and follow it until the end. Jump up on the crate, and you will see Lysander’s Gift on your left.

Hold X or Square to open the box and get the Lysander’s Gift secret Sparrow!

Lysander’s Cry Stats

Unfortunately, Lysander’s Cry will not help you in the SRL. Check out our article on the fastest Sparrows in Destiny if you are interested in winning races. Lysander’s Cry is not a bad Sparrow, but it lacks the boost ratings of the Ravensteel, Timebreaker, or any Xur upgraded Sparrow.

Lysander’s Cry is a one of the better looking Sparrows in Destiny though, and it rewards you with Grimoire score. It is also capable of tricks, and is one of the easier trick Sparrows to acquire. Despite the mediocre boost ratings, Lysander’s Cry is still a Sparrow worth unlocking.

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