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Destiny 2: Who is The Witness? – Answered

by Nikola Pajtic
the witch queen destiny 2 expansion

The heavily awaited Destiny 2 expansion has finally arrived. Though the release of The Witch Queen has been delayed several times, it is now available and players can continue on their quest. It includes the return of The Witness, but who is he?

Savathun has been the main antagonist lurking in the shadows throughout the game. Although she made many decisions that got her on the wrong side of the law, her redemption arc is strong and she is not a real threat to humankind. 


The players were expecting a final fight against the Witch Queen at the end of the campaign. However, that hasn’t happened. With the completion of this in the newest expansion, the real story was brought to light. Instead of fighting the mighty Savathun, you get another creature from the darkness ready to destroy you. 

Who is The Witness in Destiny 2? 

The nature of The Witness and his true intentions are yet a muddy mystery. However, he shouldn’t be underestimated.

What we know about The Witness comes from the Savathun’s statements. Although some of these claims are contradictory, it seems that he is the being that gave birth to the Darkness and is now its physical emissary. 

the witness destiny 2

Another option is that The Witness is the Darkness itself, as it has coaxed several characters into worshiping it, including Rhulk, using him for his bidding. 

Throughout the game, The Witness dealt from the shadows but in the final cutscene from The Witch Queen expansion, he made his appearance. The moment of his emergence from the black sludge wasn’t turned into a graphically rich moment like many others, but his proclaims “the game is over” and “your pale heart holds the key” are kicking up discussion.

Unfortunately, players will have to wait for the release of the next expansion, Lightfall, to discover more details about The Witness. 

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