If you've been cracking into the Festival of the Lost celebrations in Destiny 2: Shadowkeep, then you'll be familiar with all the treats that you can pick up during. While we've talked a lot about the tricks that you can engage in, like picking up the Master of Disguise triumph, people on the Moon really do love their candy. Here's our Destiny 2 Void Fizz guide so that you can complete the Not in Our House quest and get that tasty treat.

Destiny 2 Void Fizz Guide - Not in Our House Walkthrough

The Not in Our House quest that you can pick up from Sloane on Titan. This is part of the super long candy-related questline for Eris Morn's Tiny Box of Raisins, and it's just one component of it. To get to the stage where you'll need to find Void Fizz, you'll have to have completed the following quests:

  • Even Handed
  • Armed to the Teeth
  • Precisely
  • In Your Element
  • Touched by the Light
  • Forgone Conclusions
  • The Best of My Abilities

To complete Not in Our House, you're going to have to kill enemies in the following places:

  • Arboretum
  • Festering Halls
  • Solarium

The quest just involves killing enough to fill up the objective progress bars to 100% for each location, and once you've done that, you'll be able to head back to Sloane on Titan and she'll cough up the Void Fizz that you so desire. Unfortunately, you won't be able to hold on to this deliciousness for yourself; it's going to have to be exchanged as part of the questline for Eris Morn's Tiny Box of Raisins. Oh well, at least it'll smell good in your inventory. Maybe? We're not quite sure if Void confectionary is pleasing to the senses, but it can't be all bad if Eris wants it.

Now that you've got our Destiny 2 Void Fizz guide to refer to, nabbing this candy should be easy as pie. Need a hand with anything else in Destiny 2: Shadowkeep? Check out the following guides:

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