Ever since Destiny 2 made the centralized migration on PC to Steam, we reckon that it's become easier to get cracking into everyone's favorite space MMO in terms of what to buy to start your journey. If you're totally fresh to the Guardian experience then we reckon it's pretty hard to go wrong with getting the Destiny 2 Upgrade Edition. Wondering what this includes? We've got you covered.

Destiny 2 Upgrade Edition on PC - What Does This Include?

If you're purchasing the Destiny 2 Upgrade Edition, we would only really recommend doing so if you don't already own Forsaken and Shadowkeep. Seasonal content is going to always be free for Destiny 2 players, but the difference would be shelling out for a premium season pass. The Upgrade Edition is solely concerned with the DLC for the game so far, which we've identified above as Forsaken and Shadowkeep. If you pick up the Upgrade Edition, you'll get BOTH DLC for a discounted price. It's currently available to buy for $49.99 on the Microsoft Store and Steam

If you're wanting to purchase those two DLCs separately, they're going to cost you a pretty penny compared to the Upgrade Edition bundle which puts them both together. Forsaken sees you take up a mantle of vengeance for the beloved Cayde-6, while the more recent Shadowkeep has been the jumping-off point for a lot of people and involved cracking on to a rather lunar-based conspiracy. 

So, now that you know what the Destiny 2 Upgrade Edition on PC includes, you should be able to purchase it with a little more confidence on Steam or via one of the other storefronts, if that's your particular preference. Either way, now that Destiny 2 has had its great Shadowkeep migration, the only place that you can play it on PC is via Steam so make sure that you've made the appropriate preparations if this is the first time that you're jumping into everything. You picked a pretty decent time, Guardian, especially with more information about this Season's content roadmap out! Need any help with other things relating to Destiny 2? Check out these tips and tricks that we've put together for your convenience in our dedicated guides hub for the game: