How to Get the 4th Horseman in Destiny 2

The 4th Horseman is making a return in Destiny 2 and will allow Guardians to use its power in battle.
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Destiny 2 has a vast history of powerful exotic weapons that Guardians have been able to acquire to use in their battles. Season of the Worthy will be bringing some new exotics to the table, with one of them being a formidable weapon from the game’s predecessor. This particular exotic is the 4th Horseman, and we have everything currently known about the 4th Horseman covered for you. 

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4th Horseman Destiny 2

The 4th Horseman is an exotic shotgun that can be fired in fully automatic mode. Yes, that is right. Players who have this weapon equipped in their arsenal can deliver a volley of devastating shotgun shots in parid succession. The fully automatic capability of this shotgun makes it a mighty weapon that players will no doubt want to get their hands on in the Season of the Worthy. 

4th Horseman Destiny 2

This weapon is acquired through an exotic quest a player must complete and will only have access to if they have the Season Pass of Destiny 2. You can find the details of this exotic quest’s steps below:

Enter the Vault

Speak with Zavala to begin the quest. Head to his office which can be found on the third floor of the Tower courtyard. Crawl under the stairs to gain access to the vault and find that the 4th Horseman is missing.

Missing in Action

Speak with Zavala

Fresh Lead

Speak with Ana on Mars

On the Hunt

Kill Cabal and complete Public Events

Return to Ana

Take Collected intel back to Ana

In the Shadows

Kill Psions and open Cabal Planetary Chests

Under Our Nose

Speak to Benedict 99-40 after completing Ana’s quests

Dirty Work

Eliminate encryption signals in the EDZ by killing enemies, doing patrols, and doing public events

Rein It In

Speak with Benedict 99-40 after completing the Dirty Work step

Lost and Found

Complete the Quarry Legendary Lost Sector and the 4th Horseman will drop from the final chest

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