Destiny 2 July 18 Solstice Update: Full Patch Notes Listed

Celebrate paganism with a rocket launcher

The sun is high in the sky, heat waves are scorching the earth. But in Destiny 2, things are as crisp and beautiful as always. And finally, the annual Solstice event has landed! Here’s Destiny 2’s Solstice event patch notes listed.

Destiny 2 July 18 Solstice Update – Patch Notes

I’ve been dying for this update! Not only does it bring on an entirely new event, we finally have the big tweaks we’ve been waiting weeks for. The Gravitational Lance has gotten a massive PvE buff, hand cannons are suddenly viable in end-game activities, and there’s a sparrow that cuts digital grass. Yeah, I’m not joking. Let’s dive right in:


    • Adjusted spawn points on Burnout for Trials of Osiris Dominion.
    • Fixed some positions where players could get outside of the playable area on these maps:
      • Radiant Cliffs
      • Altar of Flame
    • Fixed an issue where the voiceover at the end of Mayhem matches would not play.
    • Neomuna
      • Fixed an issue where Terminal Overload could stop progressing at Stage 3.


  • Fixed an issue where the Guardian Ranks icon decorations for higher ranks were missing.
  • Fixed an issue where Season Pass ranks past 100 were not being properly registered on the Journey screen.
  • Fixed an issue where the reward for rank 71 on the Season Pass was not unlocking properly.
    • This issue was only visual, and the boost was properly applied when unlocked.
  • Fixed an issue where the Eververse featured carousel sound effect could be heard while previewing other items.

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    • Fixed an issue where dexterity mods were not providing the proper benefits to weapon’s ready speed.
    • Fixed an issue where the Stronghold Exotic gauntlets were not properly extending the duration of restoration based on the number of shots blocked and causing it to grant restoration on dealing damage with any Sword.
      • Now applies restoration after blocking damage immediately after a swing and extends its duration based on the number of enemy attacks blocked.
    • Fixed an issue where the Blight Ranger Exotic helmet was consuming Super energy while guarding.
    • Fixed an issue where the NPA Weir-Walker armor sets had inconsistent glowing effects.
    • Fixed an issue where the Channeling Robes chest armor was missing a texture.
    • General
      • Fixed an issue where Stasis weapons with splash damage were dealing less damage than intended to Stasis crystals.
        • The New Pacific Epitaph Grenade Launcher was a notable example of this.
      • Fixed an issue where Season of the Deep’s weapons would apply their Taken visual effects to their ornaments.
      • Fixed an issue where the Until Its Return Legendary Shotgun showed a slightly displaced glare.
      • Fixed an issue where enhanced weapons could not apply nor preview Memento shaders.
      • Fixed an issue where the Targeted Redaction Hand Cannon was using the incorrect firing animation.
        • This aggressive-frame Hand Cannon was using the recoil pattern from the lightweight frame, giving it a marginally unintentional advantage.
    • Pulse Rifles
      • At 0 Aim Assist, reduced the auto aim angle by ~10%.
    • Bows
    • Lightweight
      • Increased final accuracy by ~10%.
      • Developer note: In the mid-Season patch preview we erroneously included a change to lightweight Bow damage falloff distance. Bows do not currently have damage falloff, in large part due to an issue where they could fail to be hit scan at longer ranges. This can cause inconsistent hit registration, so also having them lose damage felt overly punishing. In Season 22 we have corrected the issue, and we preemptively set Bows up to be able to have damage falloff, but it is not currently enabled.
    • Submachine Guns
    • Precision
      • Improved the dynamic reticle for Shayura’s Wrath when aiming down sights.
    • Shotguns
    • Lightweight
      • Reduced the spread angle of the outer horizontal pellets by 15%.
    • Exotics
    • Graviton Lance
      • Increased PvE damage by 67%.
      • Removed the extra aim assist provided by the catalyst.
      • Reduced the damage dealt to players by the Cosmology explosion by 40%.
        • Damage in PvE unchanged.
    • No Time To Explain
      • Reduced range stat by 10.
    • Fighting Lion
      • Fixed an issue where the Chimera perk on the catalyst wasn’t applying the buffs to Kinetic and Power weapons.
    • The Navigator
      • Fixed an issue where the catalyst perk timer was not showing in the buff tray.
    • Cerberus+1
      • Reduced damage to Stasis crystals.
  • Perks & Traits
    • Gutshot Straight
      • Reduced auto-aim penalty by 37.5%.
    • Slickdraw
      • Reduced auto-aim penalty by 33%.
    • Target Lock
      • Reduced maximum damage versus players from 40% to 25%.
        • Damage in PvE unchanged.


  • Stasis
    • Whisper of Rime
      • Reduce max overshield amount from 100 hp to 50 hp.
      • Reduce overshield gain per Stasis Shard from 12.5 hp to 5 hp.
      • Non-player combatants now deal 50% damage to Whisper of Rime overshield.
    • Whisper of Chains
      • Reduced damage reduction in PvP from 15% to 5%.
  • Strand
    • Threaded Specter, Flechette Storm, and The Wanderer will now display unique icons in the kill-feed in PvP activities.
    • Fixed an issue where Threadlings were colliding and detonating near Supremacy crests.
    • Fixed an issue where The Wanderer Aspect erroneously showed the Threadlings flyout tutorial.


  • Fixed an issue where the Standard Fare bounty would not progress on Kinetic weapons kills.


  • Fixed an issue where Tormentor’s abilities were missing some visual effects.


    • Korean
      • Fixed a mismatch with audio and subtitles when interacting with Cayde’s memorial in the Tower.
    • Various languages
      • Fixed an issue where some descriptions in the Loadouts screen would overflow their text boxes.
      • Fixed some volume inconsistencies when playing the archive recordings in the Veil Containment mission.

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