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Destiny 2 Hunter Guide: How To Play The Space Ninja

by John Cooper

With the recent news that Destiny 2 is going free-to-play in September, you might be thinking about getting involved. With the constant stream of updates that the game has been getting since it initially released, there’s never been a better time than now to become a Guardian.

The only trouble is trying to figure out which class you want to be. Well, to help you solve that issue, we’ve put together this Destiny 2 Hunter guide, as well as one for Warlocks and Titans too. So, have a read and see which one suits you.

Destiny 2 Hunter Guide

The Hunter is the perfect class for you if you prefer agility and precision above all else. This tends to mean that they have less armor than the other two classes, but their speed can often make up for this if you know what you’re doing. 

The unique ability of the Hunter is a dodge which can either help to recharge your melee energy or automatically reload your weapon. Which one you choose is mostly down to your preferred style of play, so there’s no wrong answer. As with the other classes, the Hunter has three subclasses to choose from, each with a different selection of Super Moves. Our Destiny 2 Hunter guide will help you find out just what to expect. 

Hunter Arcstrider

The Arcstrider wields an electric staff that allows them to run around the battlefield unleashing powerful melee attacks.  It is far more effective at wiping out a group of enemies than a single powerful boss, but it still has its uses even then. 

Forsaken added a version of this super that can reflect projectiles back at the enemy and allows you to deal more damage as a result. 

Hunter Gunslinger 

If you fancy yourself a bit of a cowboy, then the Gunslinger is the one for you. This class uses an incredible gun that fires the power of the sun at your enemies. It can make short work of bosses in with the right set up but is a little less effective against a large group. 

The Forsaken variant added the ability to throw exploding solar knives which makes the class slightly better against groups.  

Hunter Nightstalker 

If you love the idea of debilitating your enemies, then this is the Nightstalker is perfect for you. It uses a bow that can drain the strength of those it hits and even help you spread the damage to other nearby enemies. It is a good choice most of the time but especially when with a team. The drawback comes when you are looking to deal a lot of damage on your own, as it isn’t as effective solo. 

The Forsaken version of this special ability gives you two void daggers that you can sneak around and attack enemies with.

That’s our Destiny 2 Hunter guide. Now that you know more about this class, you should have a look at our Destiny 2 Hub to see our other guides. Make sure to follow Prima Games on Twitter too, that way you’ll never miss any of the great work we are doing.