Destiny 2: How to Get the First In, Last Out Shotgun

The Destiny 2 First In, Last Out shotgun is one of the most powerful in the game. Here's how to get the Legendary weapon.

There are a lot of weapons in Destiny 2 as players get ready to head into the Beyond Light expansion this September. However, when the new content drops, a lot of those weapons will be going into the Content Vault, leaving players with a smaller arsenal to work with. When this happens, one of the weapons that you’ll want to have is the Destiny 2 First In, Last Out Legendary shotgun. Here’s how to get it.

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How to Get the Destiny 2 First In, Last Out Shotgun

The Destiny 2 First In, Last Out shotgun can be acquired by completing the Exodus: Preparation quest at the Tower, given by Zavala. In this quest, players will need to complete a Weekly Bounty on Io, Titan, Mars, and Mercury, which should be fairly easy. Upon completing the tasks, players will be rewarded with a couple of different Umbral Engrams. 

To have a chance at getting the First In, Last Out shotgun, head to the Prismatic Recaster and use the Exodus-Focused Umbral Engram and the CQC-Focused Engram. Both have a chance at giving players the First In, Last Out weapon, but the CQC Engrams offer the best chance, as there are only two weapons that can be acquired from them. Eventually, you should find yourself with the shotgun in hand and can begin using it in PvP and PvE battles.

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If you’re not familiar with the Destiny 2 First In, Last Out weapon, it’s a powerful Legendary shotgun that shoots one slug at a time and will deal a heavy amount of damage to players who are able to consistently land shots. The weapon has a couple of different perks that you’ll want to watch for, one of which automatically reloads it and improves weapon handling when you’re critically damaged.

The Season of Arrivals is the final season before the Beyond Light expansion. This is the first of three new expansions announced by Bungie that will carry the game into 2022. Additionally, this means that there is no Destiny 3 on the horizon, but it does confirm that Destiny 2 will be on next-generation consoles and will support cross-generational play.

If you haven’t hopped into the game in a while, there are a couple of changes that might be confusing in the new Season of Arrivals. If you get stuck (don’t worry we’ve all been there) be sure to check out our website, as we likely have a guide that will help you through it. Further, in the links below you’ll find some of our more recent coverage on Bungie’s hit game.

Now that you know how to get the First In, Last Out shotgun in Destiny 2, what are you waiting for? When you get one, be sure to send us a picture on our Twitter or Facebook page!

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