There has been plenty of excitement in the Destiny 2 community recently thanks to the launch of the new Shadowkeep expansion. One of the most significant additions to Destiny 2 thanks to the Shadowkeep expansion is the Garden of Salvation Raid, which tasks Guardians to head back into the infamous Black Garden of the Vex and stop a significant threat. However, players will need to defeat the Sanctified Mind boss if they wish to complete the Garden of Salvation Raid successfully.

Destiny 2 Garden of Salvation Guide: How to Beat Sanctified Mind

You will see when first facing the Sanctified Mind boss in the Destiny 2 Garden of Salvation Raid that there are two red lights. These are the weak points where you and your fireteam will be able to dish out the most damage to the enemy. These red lights will spawn portals in front of them when you shoot them. Guardians will need to jump through these portals and kill the enemies within them to gather motes. Ten motes are the most one player can carry. You will need to deposit these motes into the towers in the area when you return from the portals. Your fireteam will need to protect these towers from the enemies. The reasoning for this is that if the enemies reach the towers, they will cause your entire fireteam to die. 

Destiny 2 Garden of Salvation Raid Guide Sanctified Mind

A glowing cross will appear in front of the Destiny 2 Sanctified Mind Garden of Salvation Raid boss when you and your fireteam have gathered enough motes in the towers. The Sanctified Mind Garden of Salvation Raid boss will then enter its damage phase when you tether the glowing cross to the towers. The weak point you should focus the majority of your firepower on in the damage phase can be found on the stomach of the boss. 

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