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Destiny 2 Garden of Salvation Guide: How to Beat Consecrated Mind

by Nicholas Barth

There has been plenty of excitement in the Destiny 2 community recently thanks to the launch of the new Shadowkeep expansion. One of the most significant additions to Destiny 2 thanks to the Shadowkeep expansion is the Garden of Salvation Raid, which tasks Guardians to head back into the infamous Black Garden of the Vex and stop a significant threat. However, players will need to defeat the Consecrated Mind boss if they wish to complete the Garden of Salvation Raid successfully. 

Destiny 2 Garden of Salvation Guide: How to Beat Consecrated Mind

The Consecrated Mind is the first boss you will encounter in the Destiny 2 Garden of Salvation Raid and is a giant Harpy. You will not be able to damage this enemy when it first appears. However, you will notice that it will drop cubes that will grant players who pick them up with Voltaic Overflow buff. It is important to note that taking more than one cube yourself or leaving the cubes on the ground will cause death for you and fireteam. You will need to create a chain connection with your fireteam from the floating cube to the blue barrier. The barrier will open up if you have correctly done this part of the Destiny 2 Consecrated Mind Garden of Salvation Raid boss fight. 

Destiny 2 Garden of Salvation Guide Consecrated Mind

A second room will then open up for your team to enter. Guardians will need to eliminate the Two Cyclopses to destroy the shield and use the process from the first room to gain access to the third room of the encounter. This room will have three cubes with shields that Destiny 2 players will need to tether individually to progress in the Consecrated Mind Garden of Salvation Raid boss fight. The Angelic enemy will need to be destroyed first before the first cube can be unlocked. 

Players will then be engaged in a chase with the boss running from them, dropping cubes that you will have to pick up. You will then need to complete a jumping puzzle before being able to draw out the Destiny 2 Consecrated Mind boss in the Garden of Salvation Raid. 

Following the jumping puzzle, players will enter an area where four towers can be found. Your next step will be to tether the cube to the first tower. This will grant you an enlightened buff that will allow you and your fireteam to kill enemies with a white shield that will be attacking the tower. Players will have to repeat this process for all four towers by the names of Thicket, Alcove, Underbrush, and Hedges. The gates to the Pavillion area will open when all four towers have been completed. The Consecrated Mind will then appear when you tether the final cube to the tower. 

When the Destiny 2 Garden of Salvation Raid boss begins to run away, make sure to chase it down. The enemy will drop a cube that one player needs to stand in to become detained. The inner or outer flaps of the Consecrated Mind will turn red. You will need to shoot whichever flaps turn red to keep the detained player alive. This detained player will then get a Voltaic Overflow buff and can not be detained again. After a few rounds of this process, you will enter the damage phase where everyone needs to fire on the red flaps to kill the Consecrated Mind before it kills the whole fireteam. 

We here at Prima Games wish you the best of luck in your battle against the Destiny 2 Garden of Salvation Raid boss of the Consecrated Mind. Let us know how it goes over on Twitter and Facebook! Are you looking for more coverage of the Shadowkeep expansion for the high-profile looter-shooter? Check out all of the handy guides we have in our dedicated hub for the popular game. 

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