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Destiny 2 Error Code WEASEL – What Is It?

by Ginny Woo

Maybe you’ve been trying to bang out the last of your Dawning missions in Destiny 2 and you’ve suddenly been slapped with a roadblock. No one’s got time for this, especially considering that the end date for the Dawning festivities is really soon. Well, players have reported getting hit with the Destiny 2 error code WEASEL, so here’s what we know about it so far.

Destiny 2 Error Code WEASEL – What Is It?

You may have been encountering the Destiny 2 error code WEASEL recently, though there appears to be no singular reason why. According to the Destiny 2 Help articles populated by Bungie, it appears that WEASEL errors can come about because of these following reasons:

  1. Trying to log onto more than one platform with Cross Save on
  2. Being banned
  3. Connectivity issues with the Destiny servers

The first one is a relatively easy fix: you’ll get the WEASEL error on whichever console you were initially logged into Destiny 2 on. Just remember that even though you have Cross Save on, you can only log in on one of those consoles at a time, regardless of the number of platforms you own the game on. And well, if you’ve been banned from the game, there really isn’t much we can do for you, buddy. Do better next time. 

However, if you reckon that you’re experiencing the WEASEL error because you’ve got connectivity issues (maybe it’s been a process of elimination, we don’t know), then we might have some tips. Essentially, like most connectivity errors when it comes to multiplayer games, you’re probably going to want to go through the following steps before panicking:

  • Users of the Companion mobile app have been reporting this error, so unlinking the app from your device and relinking it might fix this
  • Clear the cache on your chosen console
  • Ensure that you’re using a wired and not a wireless connection where possible
  • Power cycle your console or computer
  • Change your console’s NAT type to improve your ability to connect overall 

We’re not going to bother to tell you to turn everything off and on again since we’ll have assumed that you’ve tried that, but if the Destiny 2 error code WEASEL is still persisting for a large portion of the playerbase, we reckon Bungie will put something out soon about a fix. We’ll update this guide if that happens. Need a hand with anything else? Check out these tips and tricks that you might find useful as an aspiring Guardian:

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