Destiny 2 Bug Massively Buffs Malfeasance Damage

Malfeasance goes BOOM thanks to a recently found Destiny 2 bug.

Malfeasance goes BOOM thanks to a recently found Destiny 2 bug. The increase in ommfff comes by way of a glitch that occurs when using the Malfeasance and the newest Exotic to arrive, Witherhoard, together. The bright side? This bug actually is a good thing for players. The downside? The Reddit boards are alight with talking about this, which means a fix could be imminent. 

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What the Destiny 2 glitch does is it increases both the damage for Malfeasance and the Witherhoard. You can see exactly what this buff does for players in the clip below inside of the Tribute Hall for Calus. If you search Destiny 2 on YouTube, this is one of the top videos trending and for good reason: 


Both the Witherhoard and Malfeasance damage comes from Blight, which means the two perfectly complement each other from the very start. That being said, that relationship can be maximized by direct shooting an enemy with a Witherhoard grenade, which will, in turn, cause every hit made with Malfeasance land a critical blow. This includes all five damage points with the explosion from Malfeasance, which means 5x the crit, 5x the satisfaction of utterly obliterating the enemy. 

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This glitch, though unintentional, is actually exactly what fans have been asking for. Malfeasance has a lot of potentials, but players have been begging Bungie to buff this weapon for a while now and while that still hasn’t happened officially, this glitch does the work for them. Now the question is how long this glitch will remain in-game.

The season continues as we push closer and closer to the release of Beyond Light, which has recently been pushed back until November. With the new Prophecy dungeon, more Exotic quests, and more added to the online world of Destiny 2, players are anxiously awaiting to see what’s next for the space shooter. Just hopefully what’s next isn’t a fix for the above bug. 

What do you think about the latest Destiny 2 glitch found that makes Malfeasance and Witherhoard even more powerful? Any other finds like this that you think Bungie should implement forever? Let us know if you’re looking forward to this or not over at Facebook or Twitter!

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