Fortnite X Dragon Ball – How to Complete the Desert Time Trial

Can you match the agility of a Saiyan?

Desert Time Trial Fortnite
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Event quests are in abundance during the Fortnite X Dragon Ball crossover and there is a whole section dedicated to agility training. This section of quests is full of movement challenges like the Desert Time Trial in the southern part of the map.

Completing the trial will give you a boost in Power Level which is used to progress through the Dragon Ball Power Unleased Rewards. On top of the power, it will get you one step closer to another Dragon Ball and the right to claim a Shenron Glider for your locker. Luckily, running the Desert Time Trial is fairly easy as long as you know where to land.

Where to Complete the Desert Time Trial in Fortnite X Dragon Ball

As the name of the trial suggests, you’ll need to head into the southern desert section of the map to start putting your agility to the test. If you look just below Shuffled Shrines on the map, you’ll see the winding river directly southwest. That towering cliff on the other side is where you want to drop on or travel to.

Reaching the cliff is the start of the Desert Time Trial and you’ll know you made it if a floating blue clock is in sight. The blue clock symbol can be interacted with to begin the trial itself. As soon as you interact, there will be a time limit to reach six other blue clocks. Taking the zipline directly on the edge of the cliff will bring you down to the first clock. Instead of interacting, running through them is enough to count this time.

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Follow the trail across the river towards the next blue clock and continue towards the right side path on the next cliff. Each blue clock is easy to spot and only six are in play, so it’s difficult to get lost if you follow the path. However, you are timed so managing your stamina and utilizing the slide when going downhill is important. Soon enough, the Desert Time Trial for Fortnite X Dragon Ball should be over and you’ll have additional Power Levels to add to your full collection.

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