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Demonic Cult Greedfall Guide: How to Solve the Stone Puzzle

by Ginny Woo

If you’re about to embark on the Demonic Cult questline in Greedfall, then maybe you’ll want to heed our warning: this is a hell of a long one (no pun intended), with a rather tricky puzzle at the end if you’re not at tip-top alertness. If you’re finding it a bit hard to put two and two together, don’t fret; our Demonic Cult Greedfall guide has the convenient answers for you so you can bang this out and go about your day. 

Demonic Cult Greedfall Guide: How to Solve the Stone Puzzle

To make sure that you’re on the right track with the stone puzzle and the Demonic Cult Greedfall quest, you’re going to have to have fulfilled these steps first:

  • Chatting up all the villagers in Vedlueg
  • Finding the nervous man on the path 
  • Follow him to the ancient tree by the village
  • Make your way to the secret lair

Framing the lair will be a collection of stone tablets. If you’ve recalled at all the visions that were thrust upon you when you were by the ancient tree, then you’ll have some kind of clue as to the order in which these tablets have to be activated by you lighting candles that correspond to them. If you get the order wrong, then you’re going to have to contend with some enemies that are more annoying than nasty.

So you don’t waste any time on this puzzle, here’s the right order that you have to activate the stones in: Wind – Lightning – Fire – Death – Water – Life. Once you’ve carried out this sequence of events, an entrance will become available to you and you’ll be able to crack on with the rest of the Demonic Cult quest. In an absolute pinch, talking to your companions will jog your memory a little in-game about the order in which to light the candles, but there shouldn’t be any real need to do that.

Now that you have our Demonic Cult Greedfall guide in hand, progressing to the end of this questline should be easy enough. Need a hand with another quest that’s kicking around? Check out our Greedfall New Cog guide for help finding this key item that’s a part of the Mystery of the Ancient Ruins quest.

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