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All Deaths in the Resident Evil 3 Remake

by Nicholas Barth

The Resident Evil 3 Remake has a unique and exciting cast of characters who bring its compelling story to life. Unfortunately, a few of these characters fall victim to gruesome deaths during the fall of Racoon City, and we have gathered them all together for you. 

Resident Evil 3 Remake Deaths

A total of four main characters meet their deaths in the game, all from different methods with the Nemesis taking home the reward for most kills with two to its name. 

You can find all of the deaths that occur from the cast of main characters in the game below:

Brad Vickers

Resident Evil 3 Remake Deaths

Players see human Brad Vickers meet his end when he is bitten on the arm, trying to block a door from a horde of zombies. Vickers tells Jill to run and save herself while he is ultimately overrun by the infected. The zombie version of Brad is eventually killed when Carlos shoots him outside of the Racoon City Police Station. 

Tyrell Patrick

Resident Evil 3 Remake Deaths

Carlos’s partner Tyrell became one of the deaths in the title when he is attacked from behind by the Nemesis when he is with Jill. The abomination impales Tyrell from behind and through the chest with one of its tentacles and throws him to the ground while Jill looks on in horror. 

Mikhail Victor

Resident Evil 3 Remake Deaths

Mikhail has the most badass of the game’s deaths. Victor ultimately meets his end when the Nemesis attacks the subway train that he, Jill, Nicholai, and other survivors are taking to escape Racoon City. Mikhail is grabbed by the Nemesis but sets off an explosive and sacrifices himself to destroy the Tyrant. 

Nicholai Ginovaef

Resident Evil 3 Remake Deaths

Now, players do not actually get to see Nicholair meet his end. However, Jill and Carlos leave Nicholair behind and escape Racoon City just as a missile hits and destroys all biological life in the fallen city. With this in mind, it would be shocking to see that Nicholair survived what amounts to a nuclear blast. 

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