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Death Stranding Otter Hat Location Guide

by Nicholas Barth

There are a plethora of celebrities who have lent their efforts to help in the creation of Hideo Kojima’s newest game of Death Stranding. One of these celebrity personalities is Conan O’Brien, who plays the non-playable character of The Wandering MC. Players will be wise to visit The Wandering MC of Conan O’Brien. The reasoning for this is that finding the location of this character will allow you to acquire the otter hat item that will be very useful for your delivery missions. Fortunately, we have everything you need to know about the location of the otter hat covered for you.

Death Stranding Otter Hat Location

The location of the otter hat Conan O’Brien character can be found at his shelter northwest of South Knot City. Head to the canyon that is situated between South Knot City and the Weather Station. However, players will not have access to this particular area where the location of the otter hat can be found until they reach Chapter 3 and can visit the Central Region. 

Death Stranding Otter Hat Location

When you can make your way to the location of Conan O’Brien’s Death Stranding character, you will need to listen to him for a little bit. He will eventually reward you with the item for looking. The otter hat is an item that you can equip to Sam Bridges that allows him to move around much better in deeper water. This ability of the item from Conan O’Brien’s character is beneficial, considering there will be plenty of times you have to make your way through bodies of water to complete deliveries. 

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