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Death Stranding Higgs Home Location Guide

by Nicholas Barth

There are a wide variety of characters that make up the cast of Death Stranding. One of these unique characters is Higgs Monaghan. Higgs is the main antagonist of the game and does his very best to make trouble for the main character of Sam Bridges. One particular trophy that is available for players to earn in the title tasks players with finding the location where the home of Higgs can be located. Fortunately, we have discovered everything you need to know about the location of the Higgs home for you. 

Death Stranding Higgs Home Location

According to a video posted by YouTuber Gaming with Abyss, the location of the Higgs home can only be accessed after you have completed Episode 9. The location of this home can be found in the northeast section of the game’s map. The Peter Englert Fragile Express symbol will mark it. All that you have to do is walk inside, and you will earn the God Particle Go-Getter trophy. 

Death Stranding Higgs Home Location

(photo courtesy of Gaming with Abyss)

Monaghan is known as the “Man in the Golden Mask” and is the leader of the Homo Demens militant separatist group. He seeks to keep the independence of Edge Knot City and passionately opposes the United Cities of America (UCA). As you know, Sam Bridges is tasked with reconnecting society by having all of the scattered remnants of humanity in America join the UCA. Throughout the game’s story, you will encounter Monaghan and have to defeat the various obstacles he will throw in the way of your mission. 

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