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Dead or Alive 6 – How to Unlock Items

by Bryan Dawson

If you’ve been playing DOA6, you’ve probably seen how much there is to unlock in the game. Not only is there a lot to unlock in Dead or Alive 6, but it’s a process to actually unlock each item. Some people have been wondering how to unlock costumes in DOA6. This article covers how to unlock outfits in DOA6, as well as how to unlock most of the other items in the game. It’s not difficult to unlock items in DOA6, but there is a certain process to it that some people may have trouble with at first.

How to Unlock Items in DOA6

  • Collect all item parts
  • Unlock item with Player Points

Unlocking items in DOA6 is not a difficult process, but it’s also not very straightforward. As you play through the various modes in the game, you’ll get messages about unlocking costume parts. At first glance you may think you’ve actually unlocked a full costume, but this is not the case. Most of the time when you get an on-screen message that you unlocked a costume, it’s actually only a small part of that costume. In addition, costume parts are unlocked in random order, so you can’t prioritize your favorite characters.

In order to unlock a full costume, you need to first collect all of the parts to that costume. If you play through DOA Quest mode, you’ll unlock costume parts a bit faster than some of the other modes, however it’s possible to unlock costume parts in almost every mode in the game. If you’re mainly focusing on playing online matches, while you’ll still unlock costume parts, it may take a ton of matches to unlock a single costume. A lot of costumes have 500 parts or more, and most online matches only give you a few parts at a time, while others will give you 25 parts or more.

DOA Central

Once you have all of the parts for a costume, you still need to have enough Player Points (in-game currency) to unlock that costume. We’ve already covered several ways you can earn money in DOA6! Once a costume is unlocked, you can equip it to your character in the DOA Central mode or during online match preparation. Titles, glasses and other accessories are almost all unlocked by simply having enough Player Points to buy them. However, some unlockable content in the DOA Encyclopedia and Music modes require you to meet certain requirements such as completing specific Story mode sections.

Essentially, if you want to unlock everything in the game, you’ll need to complete all of Story mode and either all of DOA Quest, or play a lot of online (or offline) matches. Most things in the game can be unlocked over time simply by playing online, but going through DOA Quest and completing the Story mode will speed up  the process.