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Dead or Alive 6 – How to Make Money Fast

by Bryan Dawson

For casual players, one of the best new aspects of DOA6 is all of the things you can purchase in the game in Player Points (in-game currency). From alternate costumes to various glasses, there’s a lot to buy in DOA6. Unfortunately, if you want to buy all of this stuff, you’re going to need to make money in Dead or Alive 6 to pay for it. There are a few ways to make money fast in DOA6, and this article will cover some of your best options. Read on to find out how to make money fast in Dead or Alive 6.

How to Make Money Fast in DOA6

The best way to earn money in DOA6 is to go through the DOA Quest mode. In this mode you’ll be tasked with completing three challenges each time you fight against AI opponents. For each challenge you complete, you’ll earn money (player points). Complete all three challenges and you’ll earn various bonuses. Finishing only a few of these fights with all three challenges completed will net you tens of thousands of Player Points that you can use to purchase new gear. While the challenges get increasingly more difficult, even novice players should be able to complete a good majority of them at a decent pace.

DOA Quest

Alternate Methods

While DOA Quest is easily one of the best ways to make money in DOA6, you can also earn money by completing the Combo Challenge for each character. You’ll earn some in-game cash periodically as you make your way through each Combo Challenge. While you won’t see these rewards until you exit back to the main menu, at various intervals over the course of a full Combo Challenge you will earn 1,000P, 250P, 2,500P, and 500P. Complete a full Combo Challenge and that nets you a total of 4,250P. The money doesn’t come in as fast as DOA Quest mode, but that’s nothing to sneeze at.

Playing matches (online or offline) will also earn you some coin, but it comes very slow and should not be used as a primary source of in-game currency. In fact, almost every mode in the game will net you some cash, but DOA Quest mode and Combo Challenge are by far the best ways to earn money quickly.

Keep your eyes on Prima Games as we will continue to update this article if any new ways to quickly earn currency are discovered!

Bryan Dawson

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