Dead by Daylight Status Effect Guide, What Do They Do?

There are a lot of status effects in Dead by Daylight, most of which negatively impact the survivor. Here's what each one does.

There are a lot of Dead by Daylight status effects that can make surviving the night a bit tricky. Even worse, these effects aren’t really explained in the game, leaving players responsible for figuring out what each effect does on their own. So if you’re new to the game, or still don’t know what something does, then our status effect guide is for you!

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Dead by Daylight Status Effects – Every Effect Explained

There are a total of 18 status effects in Dead by Daylight, most of which impact the survivors in some type of negative way. As you probably know, these are designed to give the killer a better shot at preventing anyone from surviving so of course, they’re going to make surviving a tricky task. However, if you know what each status effect does, you’ll have a better chance of surviving the night. So here is a quick explanation of every status effect!

Status Effect:



Prevents survivors from seeing most auras and typically lasts 60 seconds.


Killer gains speed after a chase. There are three Tiers to this perk, with each offering better stats for the killer.


Prevents survivors from healing themselves to healthy while they are broken. 


Causes Hex Totems to appear on the map and gives negative effects to survivors. To stop them, they must be destroyed.

Deep Wounds

Gives survivors a bleed out timer which will decrease whenever they are out of the killer’s Terror Radius.


Protects survivors from being affected by the next attack (single hit).


Causing survivors to become exhausted when using some perks.


While exposed, survivors can be downed in one hit from the killer.


Increases the speed of survivors and killers for a short period of time.


Makes survivors bleed longer and increases the amount of time that bloodstains will last.


Slows down movement speed for survivors for a short period of time.


A contagious disease that is capable of spreading to other objects and survivors.


Increases unhook and trap disarm success rates, along with chest searches for survivors.


Causes survivors to hallucinate, scream, and misplace skill check locations.


Increases the time it takes for survivors to heal.


Makes survivors unable to hear the killers Terror Radius.


Survivors will leave barbed wire behind them, making it easier for the killer to track them.


Removes the killer’s Terror Radius and Red Stain.

As you can see, there are a handful of different Dead by Daylight status effects that can occur during a game. Further, most of them will cause some type of negative effect on the survivor or give the killer a better advantage. While some are worse than others, now that you know what each status effect does, it should help you survive the attack.

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