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DayZ – Helicopter Crash Site Locations

by Prima Games Staff

This page will show you the location of the three helicopter crash sites in DayZ standalone. Keep in mind that DayZ is still only in its Alpha phase, meaning that as the developers at Bohemia Interactive update the game, this could change. As of update 0.57, however, there are three static locations that players can find helicopter crash sites, containing some of the rarest military loot in the game.

Helicopter Crash Site Tips

Before you go looting, keep these basic tips and bits of information in mind.

  • American (burning) crash sites can have the M4A1.
  • Russian (non-burning) crash sites have Russian loot.
  • You can crawl inside the back of the Russian helicopters.
  • Crash sites are PvP zones. Don’t cry if you get shot.
  • Expect to come up empty, these are popular locations.
  • Server hopping is for chumps. Play the game properly.

Near Vybor Military Base

The first crash site, and likely the most popular, can be found just to the southwest of the Vybor Military Base. If you’re looking at the DayZDB map, it is located just to the north of a light colored field that should stand out from the rest. Note that the crash site can move around a few hundred feet in one direction or another, but given the open field it should still be no trouble to spot. Players will want to use extreme caution when looting this area, as the Vybor Military Base and this crash site are two of the most popular places in the game to find military loot. Even on mostly empty servers, expect to find other players with the same idea as yourself.

DayZ V3S Truck

Near Lapatino and Vavilovo

The second crash site might be the second most popular given how close it is to so many truck spawns. If you want to find it, make your way to Lapatino and take the paved road that runs north. Keep your eyes peeled to the left (west) side of the road as you’re going, and you should spot it sitting in an open field. It definitely doesn’t get as many visitors as the first location we mentioned, but there are going to be players here on a regular basis. When you’re done, keep heading north until you reach an old bus depot on the left (west) side of the road. It’s there that you’ll find several truck spawns that can help to cut down on your travel time back to the coast. C’mon, we all know you’re going to Kamyshovo.

North of Stary Sobor

The third crash site might be the least popular, but should still be approached with extreme caution. Players who are looking for one crash site will frequently visit all three of them. This one is located to the north of Stary Sobor. It’s in an open field, and just a few hundred feet to the southwest of a hunting stand. It can also move around a bit, but it will be in that open field. There is absolutely no cover here (besides the helicopter itself), so be sure to check the area thoroughly before you move in to do some looting. If you are running with a partner, have one person act as security and keep an eye out for other players while the other person quickly does the scavenging.

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