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Days Gone: Will It Come To PC

by John Cooper

Days Gone has you playing as Deacon St. John, a rough, tough, bike-riding, zombie-slaying dude who is on a quest to find his wife. Along the way, he meets a cast of colourful characters who show him the meaning of being lonely. Wait, no. That’s not it. He shoots lots of freakers and blows them up with grenades. That’s the good stuff. Well, while you may know it is on PS4, you might be wondering if it will be coming to PC. 

Well, while exclusivity used to mean that only one console would get a game, things have changed recently. So, while it doesn’t look as though PC gamers will be getting access to Days Gone any time soon, it could happen in the future. After all, we have seen that Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls, and Detroit: Become Human are all coming to the Epic Games Store. While these might not be the exclusives PC players were hoping for (Bloodborne, please, baby, come home) it is a big step. 

It isn’t completely absurd to believe that exclusivity could change going forward. It makes a lot of sense for both Sony and Microsoft to release their games on PC as well because of the extra income. After all, gaming is good business, and good business means letting people buy your products. It just isn’t a guarantee given the way that Sony traditionally does business. Which is to say that they tend to be like the rich kid at school, always flaunting their advantages and generally being a little bit arrogant about things. Just look at the whole cross-play thing. 

Well, things could change and Sony seems to be playing a bit nicer as well now, so maybe in the next few years, we could see Days Gone on PC. Just not yet, unfortunately. 

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