Days Gone: How to Sleep and Pass Time

Are you nocturnal or are you nyctophobic? If you want full control over time, then just read on

There’s nothing like a good night’s sleep when you are going to be waking up knee deep in angry freakers in Days Gone. Doctors recommend around 8 hours sleep in order to feel fully rested. Deacon St. John recommends you go to sleep in a baseball cap, so who can really say where the good advice is here?

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Well, sleeping in Days Gone serves two functions, neither of which are anything to do with your wellbeing. Oddly, sleeping doesn’t restore health in Days Gone, despite the fact that that’s normally one of the things that sleeping does in games. So, if you want to get healthier, you’re going to have to stick to the other items in the game. 

It does let you save though, which is useful if you need to and don’t want to use the other methods available to you. Sleeping is a bit like saving in real life too, though with the constant unstoppable encroaching of time thrown in for good measure,

The most important thing is that sleeping allows you to pass the time. If you sleep during the day you will wake up at 6 pm, whereas if you sleep during the night you’ll awaken at 7 am. This is really useful when planning your travel or your hunts because the world is different during the day and night.  

Infestation Nests are very different affairs depending on the time of day, so this is the kind of thing you’ll want to consider when planning your naps. Do you remember naps? We can barely remember sleep. 

To actually sleep, all you need to do is find a bed and hit the square button. You can find beds in safe places like bunkers and safe houses. Just be completely certain that you want to sleep as you’ll nod right off. Makes you a little bit jealous. 

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