Days Gone: How to Kill the Hordes

The writing mass of freakers can be scary, but you can fight back with these tips

The Hordes of Freakers in Days Gone are one of the most impressive things about the game. They were also a huge part of the marketing and hype around the game itself. They are comprised of dozens and dozens of Freakers all falling over themselves just to try and get to you. Some of the Hordes can even several hundred in size, which is pretty damn intimidating when there’s just one of you. Well, there are some tips to take them down, so read on and you’ll be well prepared. 

Preparation is everything

Before you start the epic battle against a Horde you’re going to want to do some preparation. Stock up on explosives and molotovs. Anything that can hurt a group instead of just a single Freaker is going to be integral to your surviving any fight with a Horde. It is also well worth placing traps in whichever direction you’re planning on leading the hungry hungry Horde. Fail to prepare, prepare to fail. 

I have the thin ground

Given the sheer amount of Freakers you’re going to be facing off against it is important to try and slow them down a bit. One of the best ways to do this is to look for bottlenecks. These usually take the form of doorways or alleys and are a great chance to slow the whole experience down by limiting how many can get through at once. It also lines them all up nicely for a spray of bullets. 

They mostly come at night

Hordes spend the day time sleeping. That makes this the best chance to fight them. Knowing where they will be makes it far easier to set traps, find bottlenecks, and generally prepare your route. It also means you can sneak in and throw some explosives to start the party and give yourself an advantage at the beginning of the fight. 


Focus is incredibly helpful when it comes to fighting off the Hordes. Being able to take your time aiming and use your ammo efficiently makes all the difference. You won’t have much spare time so you will want to make the most of it. It is also worth getting the Under Pressure skill from the ranged category. This helps you use less Focus and will up your chance of survival. 

Spray and pray

It is far better to be using a fully automatic weapon than literally anything else. The general consensus is that the Chicago Chopper is the best of the bunch for this job. It has a great rate of fire and will allow you to take out plenty of Freakers before having to reload. 

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