Dave the Diver: Vampire Squid Location and Depth Explained

It doesn't suck blood... right?

Deep in the murky depths of Dave The Diver, a particularly tasty squid lurks. While its name is somewhat sinister, the Vampire Squid is a bright red little fellow who plays a very defensive game. Catching this cephalopod can net you some highly valuable sushi to serve at the restaurant, and is part of a quest later in the game, so let’s get to hunting this beast. Here’s how to find Vampire Squid in Dave the Diver.

Where to find the Vampire Squid in Dave the Diver

The Vampire Squid can be found in the Glacier Passage at a depth of roughly 340 meters. To unlock the area, you will need to complete several quests, some of which can be considered spoilers. If you want to keep things a surprise, know that the Glacier Passage is an unmissable location, so continue with the story and eventually, you will end up in the right place.

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For those interested in a more concrete goal, you will need to earn the trust of the Sea People by completing objectives around the Village. Once this is done, speak to the king and he will allow you to venture to the Glacier Passage. This area is full of puzzles and even has a major boss at the end, so be prepared.

How to Catch the Vampire Squid in Dave the Diver

Once you are in the Glacier Passage, you will find several side rooms with Murals. Essentially any room without a puzzle mechanic is likely to contain a Vampire Squid, it should not take too much effort to track one down. Once you find one, keep your distance, as the Vampire Squid can disperse a defensive cloud that deals damage if you get too close. Please wait for it to settle and hit it with a weapon or a harpoon to ensure you don’t waste any precious ammo. If you can consistently avoid its ink spray, you should be able to capture the Vampire Squid without too much issue.

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