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Dauntless Weapon Guide: Which Weapon is the One For You

by John Cooper

Dauntless is a free-to-play action game that has you tracking down large Behemoths to try and take them out and slowly build up your own equipment too. It is very reminiscent of another game all about monster hunting but differentiates itself via its weapons, damage types, and interesting visual style. Upon starting the game you’ll find yourself presented with multiple different weapons. In order to help you pick yours in advance, here is a Dauntless weapons guide to show you the way. 

Dauntless Weapon Guide


The Swords in Dauntless are the jack-of-all-trades weapon. They are well balanced and allow you to switch from offensive to defensive at the drop of the hat. They are a perfect mixture of speed and power for the player who likes to do it all. 


The Hammer is the only blunt weapon in the game at the moment. This makes it much more effective against armor and even grants the ability to knock monsters out for a short time. They also come equipped with a cannon that can be used to increase your melee strikes or attack from a distance. They are slow but very powerful. 

Chain Blades 

This is the weapon for those who enjoy rapid movement. You can easily dart in and out of combat and the Chain Blades even allow for some ranged combat too. The high speed of the weapon means you can deal out a great deal of damage in a short amount of time. The tradeoff is that each individual hit does little damage, so you need to be able to judge when to unleash a long combo attack to succeed. 


Axes are heavy stamina-consuming weapons which rely more on timing than anything else. You can do an incredible amount of damage as long as you know when to charge your attacks, but the timing makes it tricky for newer players. They offer less mobility than some of the other weapons so you need to be able to read the battlefield better as a result. 

War Pike

War Pikes are unique in that they deal thrusting damage which is able to inflict wounds on the beasts you hunt. This makes them more susceptible to follow-up attacks from all players making the War Pike a great addition to any party. You can even use an incredibly powerful range attack once you have dealt enough damage in order to stun your prey. 

Ostian Repeaters 

The Ostian Repeaters are the only ranged weapon in the game. Well, they are the only one dedicated to ranged combat. You can customise them in order to fit each battle, but if you take the wrong loadout into a hunt then you’re likely to have a hard time of things. A very good choice when paired with other players who prefer close combat. 

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