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Dauntless Element Guide: What They Do And When To Use Them

by John Cooper

Hunting down the giant Behemoths in Dauntless is a tall task, one that requires skill, persistence, and knowledge. One of the easiest ways to get better at the game is to gain an understanding of the elements in the game, that way you can enter every hunt with a strong advantage. That’s why we’ve put together this Dauntless element guide to help you get to grips with the system.

Dauntless Element Guide

Knowing your enemy is a key part of any fight, and it still rings true when hunting gigantic beasts in Dauntless. Many of these monsters have their own strengths and weaknesses when it comes to their elemental alignment. Knowing what they are and how best to exploit them will help you go from being a good hunter to a great one. There are six elements in total, each of which comes with its own special properties. They all have an opposite which acts as a counter to it, but which they are also strong against.

The Elements

  • Blaze: This is your fire damage and it can inflict a burn which does damage over time. Blaze monsters are weak to Frost. 
  • Frost: Frost is the ice element and can slow and even freeze a monster. Blaze serves as the counter here. 
  • Terra: Terra deals earth damage but is weak to Shock damage. 
  • Shock: Shock can stun enemies but is weak to Terra damage. 
  • Radiant: This is effectively the light element and is weak to Umbral. 
  • Umbral: Umbral is the element of darkness and is weak to Radiant. 

The Behemoths

  • Charogg: Strength – Fire, Weakness – Frost
  • Firebrand Charogg: Strength – Fire, Weakness – Frost
  • Embermane: Strength – Fire, Weakness – Frost
  • Bloodfire Embermane: Strength – Fire, Weakness – Frost
  • Hellion: Strength – Fire, Weakness – Frost
  • Boreus: Strength – Frost, Weakness – Blaze
  • Pangar: Strength – Frost, Weakness – Blaze
  • Skraev: Strength – Frost, Weakness – Blaze
  • Nayzaga: Strength – Shock, Weakness – Terra
  • Shockjaw Nayzaga: Strength – Shock, Weakness – Terra
  • Stormclaw: Strength – Shock, Weakness – Terra
  • Drask: Strength – Shock, Weakness – Terra
  • Skarn: Strength – Terra, Weakness – Shock
  • Koshai: Strength – Terra, Weakness – Shock
  • Kharabak: Strength – Terra, Weakness – Shock
  • Valamyr: Strength – Radiant, Weakness – Umbral
  • Rezakiri: Strength – Radiant, Weakness – Umbral
  • Riftstalker: Strength – Umbral, Weakness – Radiant
  • Shrowd: Strength – Umbral, Weakness – Radiant
  • Gnasher: No elemental affiliation
  • Quillshot: No elemental affiliation
  • Shrike: No elemental affiliation

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