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Darksiders 3 – How to Switch Between Hollow Forms

by Larryn Bell

Throughout her mission to hunt the Seven Deadly Sins in Darksiders 3, Fury obtains several unique abilities called Hollow Forms. These forms imbue Fury with special magic skills that grant her a new set of combat moves and traversal capabilities. You’ll stick with one Hollow Form for a while at the start, but eventually you will need to change between each Hollow to reach certain areas in the environment. Below, you’ll find a quick explanation of how to switch Hollow Forms in Darksiders 3.

How to Change Hollow Forms

Upon setting out to find each of the Seven Deadly Sins, it’s important to get acquainted with the controls in Darksiders 3 so that you can familiarize yourself with the button layout and understand what you’re capable of. After you obtain your first Hollow Form, you won’t really need to change out of it for a while, so it can be easy to forget how to change to another Hollow Form once you acquire a new one. 

Fury will acquire four different Hollow Forms in Darksiders 3, and you will need to know how to quickly switch between them in order to solve various environmental puzzles or slay certain enemies. To change between Hollow Forms, simply press LB (Xbox One) or L1 (PS4) and the corresponding button for the Hollow Form you want to switch to. Pressing and holding LB/L1 will cancel the current Hollow Form and return Fury back to her default state. Here’s the button combination for activating each Hollow Form in Darksiders 3:

Hollow Form Xbox One PS4
Flame Hollow LB + B L1 + Circle
Storm Hollow LB + Y  L1 + Triangle
Force Hollow LB + A L1 + X
Stasis Hollow LB + X L1 + Square

Once you get the hang of switching between each Hollow Form, you will be able to do so on the fly during combat or when solving a tricky puzzle in the environment. For more Darksiders 3 tips and tutorials, make sure to check out our guides on how to upgrade your weapons as well as how to level up in Darksiders 3.

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