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Best Gift in Dark Souls Remastered

by Bryan Dawson

When you first begin Dark Souls Remastered and create your character, you’ll have to select a gift. There are a number of gifts you can choose from and there’s really no bad gift, but everyone wants to choose the best gift Dark Souls Remastered has to offer. In this article we’ll cover all of the gifts and make sure you know which is the best gift in Dark Souls Remastered so you can have the easiest experience playing the game. Of course if this is your first time, it’s probably going to be difficult whether you have the best gift or not.

Best Gift

  • Experienced Players – Master Key
  • New Players – Goddess’s Blessing

Selecting the best gift in Dark Souls Remastered relies a lot on whether or not you’re an experienced Dark Souls player. If you’ve played Dark Souls before, the best gift is generally the Master Key. However, if this is your first time playing Dark Souls, or you’re just not very good at Dark Souls games, you should opt for the Goddess’s Blessing instead. Keep in mind if you go for the Thief as your starting class, you will start with the Master Key.

The Master Key allows you to open any basic lock in the game, which can be very useful. If you have the Master Key in your possession you can even take an alternate route and collect the Crimson armor set that’s one of the best pieces of gear you’ll find early in the game. Of course you don’t need to go with the Master Key, but if you’re experienced you won’t need the other gifts to help along the way.

For newer players or people who simply aren’t all that great at Dark Souls, the Goddess’s Blessing is the optimal gift. It fully restores your health and status, which can be a huge benefit if you find yourself in a bad situation. As a new player, that’s likely to happen far more frequently than you’d like, so having this extra bit of help can go a long way.

If you’re not keen on either of those gifts, you can check out all of the gifts below and decide for yourself which one you want to take. As previously mentioned, none of these gifts will make or break your Dark Souls game, so you can select any gift you’d like.

All Gift Choices

Gift Description
Black Firebomb Ranged weapon that explodes upon impact and inflicts more damage than a standard bomb.
Binoculars Use to scan the horizon for distant locations and enemies.
Goddess’s Blessing Bring your health back to full and restore your status.
Master Key Open any basic lock in the game.
None Start the game without any gift.
Old Witch’s Ring Equip this in order to understand Quelaag’s sister. You can also trade this with Snuggly the Crow for the Sunlight Maggot Helmet.
Pendant Trade this item with Snuggly the Crow to obtain a Souvenir of Reprisal.
Tiny Being’s Ring This gives you a small health increase.
Twin Humanities You obtain two Humanity stat points.

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