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Dark Souls 2: How to Find Every Estus Flask Shard

by Bryan Dawson

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Estus Shards in Dark Souls 2 increase the number of times you can use your Estus Flask before needing to refill it at a bonfire. Once you obtain a Estus Shard, speak with the Emerald Herald (the woman that levels you up) in Majula to upgrade your flask.


  • Inside the small well just outside the big house. Attack the stone on the well to find the item.
  • In the basement of the big house.

Forest of Fallen Gaints 

  • Defeat the Last Giant to obtain the Soldier Key. Travel to the Cardinal Tower bonfire in the Forest of the Fallen Giants. Go up the stairs and open the door to find a chest in the second room. 

Lost Bastille

  • Near the entrance leading to the courtyard. Climb down the ladder near the White Knight, then head down the narrow corridor behind the wooden platforms to find a chest. 

Shaded Woods 

  • Travel to the Shaded Ruins bonfire, then head to the hole near the basilisk to find the shard behind the locked door.
  • Look in a room opposite the Old Akerlarre bonfire.

No-Man’s Wharf

  • Look inside the house with a broken wall near the docks to find a chest. 

Earthen Peak 

  • Have poison resistance items and armor ready, then head down the poison filled hallway. 

Brightstone Cove Tseldora 

  • Just before you reach the Prowling Magus Boss fight, there is a hidden wall. Access the wall to find the shard inside.
  • Travel to the Lower Brightstone bonfire, then head into the building just opposite its location.

Drangleic Castle 

  • Head to the room with four ranged attackers, two knights and a mastadon, then go through the gate.

Shrine of Amana 

  • Look between the second and third bonfires, down a path with a large enemy, a rat and two mages. 

For more Dark Souls 2, read Prima’s walkthrough and boss guide.

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