Cyberpunk 2077: How to Romance Panam

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While there are many pressing matters to attend to in Cyberpunk 2077, there is always room for romance. A few characters are available to romance, with some being limited based on your choice of body type. One of these is Panam, a Nomad who abandoned her clan to go alone. Let’s find out how to romance Panam.

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How to Romance Panam in Cyberpunk 2077

Ghost Town

You will first meet Panam during the main story quest, Ghost Town.

  • You will be tasked with assisting Panam in taking down a convoy.

This quest contains no needed actions to progress your romance with Panam, but she cannot be romanced until after this point.

Riders On the Storm

The next quest you will want to tackle is Riders On the Storm. The most important part of this quest is that it can be failed.

  • There will be a point where you can ride with Panam to the Raffen Shiv camp or make your way there.
  • If you choose to go alone, you will only have 24 in-game hours to get there, or the quest will fail.
  • Failing this quest will also prevent you from pursuing further romance with Panam.

It is important to note that you must play as a male body type in order to romance Panam.

Towards the end of the mission, you will be waiting out a storm in an old farmhouse.

  • During the conversation with Panam, you must tell her to make herself comfortable and that you have a few ideas for passing the time.
  • Once that mission is complete, wait 12 in-game hours by either finding other ways to pass the time or using the menu to skip forward.
  • Panam will call you once the time is up, and the next mission begins With a Little Help From My Friends.

With a Little Help From My Friends

  • At the start of this quest, you will head to the top of a locomotive tower, where Panam will open up about your relationship.
  • Ensure you agree with her about wanting to go slow and don’t tell her you are only helping for the money.
  • In this quest, you will be sent a text by Saul asking for Panam’s whereabouts. Make sure you don’t tell him the truth by choosing the “no idea” option.
  • Later, you will hang out with the Nomads around the campfire and be allowed to Scooch Closer to Panam.
  • Do this to put your arm around her and continue progressing with the romance options.

Once this quest is complete, you will need to wait for 24 in-game hours to trigger the subsequent search, Queen of the Highway.

Queen of the Highway

A screenshot of the character Panam, a character to romance in Cyberpunk 2077.
Screenshot by Prima Games
  • You will train in the Basilisk during the pursuit before synchronizing your nervous systems.
  • Select the “Oh yeah. Let’s go” option to complete your romantic journey with Panam.

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