Cyberpunk 2077: Best Sandevistans Explained

Can't decide on what Sandevistan to choose for your build? No need to worry as this guide has got you covered.

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Cyberpunk 2077 takes place in the futuristic era, where every person is equipped with one or more robotic implants called Cyberware. These are divided into many categories, and one such category is Operating System. These implants provide supernatural abilities to the user, which they can use to their advantage in combat. There are different types of operating systems, and one of the most popular ones among fans is called Sandevistan or Sandy. These are top-of-the-line Cyberwares that give the players ability to slow down time and run circles around the enemy. Here are the best Sandevistans in Cyberpunk 2077.

What Are The Best Sandevistans in Cyberpunk 2077?

To answer that question, we have made a list of Sandevistans below that you can rock for your build. There are a total of ten Sandevistans that you can get in the game from Ripperdoc Clinics. Each Sandevistan offers various buffs and effects, and when combined with the perfect weapon and mods, it turns players into a force to be reckoned with. This list consists of what we think are the best Sandevistans in the game.

4) Militech “Falcon” Sandevistan MK.5

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Starting off the list with the Militech “Falcon” Sandevistan MK.5, which gives a 15% Damage and 20% Crit Chance and Damage buff for 18 seconds, with the time slowed down to 30%. It is a late-game Sandevistan that you can get for $35,000 from Ripperdoc Clinic in Wellsprings when you reach 49 Street Cred and 20 Reflexes.

The 18 seconds time period is the longest compared to other Sandevistans, which will give you enough time to deal with all the enemies in the area and get back to your original position as if nothing happened.

3) QianT “Warp Dancer” Sandevistan MK.5

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Continuing the list with the iconic Warp Dancer Sandevistan that gives players 8 seconds of time dilation to 10% and a 30 seconds cooldown. The most prominent feature of this Sandevistan is the increase in Crit Damage by 50%, Crit Chance by 10%, and Damage by 15%.

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Although a predecessor to QianT Sandevistan MK.4, it comes in the third spot because of the 50 Street Cred requirement, 8 seconds time period, and a whopping $35,000 cost. But when you pair it with a fast-firing pistol or a Smart Gun, you can use it to wreak havoc around you with the crazy amount of Crit Damage it offers. It is available to buy from Ripperdoc Clinic in Downtown City Center.

2) Dynalar Sandevistan MK.4

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Second on the list is Dynalar Sandevistan MK.4, which slows down time to 25% for 16 seconds and offers a 30 seconds cooldown. It also increases the Damage and Crit Chance by 15%.

Although these effects might not seem flashy as compared to other Sandevistans, what makes it take the second place on the list is that you can get this early on in the game for $28,000 from Viktor Vektor in Little China when you reach 11 Street Cred.

1) QianT Sandevistan MK.4

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Probably the best Sandevistan in the game is QianT Sandevistan MK.4 because of its long-lasting effect of 12 seconds and a 15 seconds cooldown. You can also cut that cooldown to just 3 seconds with the help of 3x Heat Sink mods, where each of them reduces the cooldown by 4 seconds.

You can get this Sandevistan from Fingers in Japantown for $28,000, that is if you don’t punch him during one of the story missions later on in the game. If you do end up beating him up, he will no longer be willing to sell his items to you. So make sure you buy what you want from him first and then beat the hell out of him because that’s what he deserves.

This is all for the best Sandevistan Cyberwares in Cyberpunk 2077. Want to pair them with the best Tech Weapons? Check out our Best Tech Weapons in Cyberpunk 2077 guide.

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