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Cuphead Secrets – Unlock Black and White Mode and Two-Color Mode

by Bryan Dawson

Cuphead is a challenging game, but there are also quite a few secrets hidden within the newly released title. Some Cuphead secrets include a black and white filter mode, and even a 2-strip color filter mode. Of course there’s also the ability to unlock expert mode to get expert versions of every boss in Cuphead if you’re looking for even more of a challenge. This article covers all of the secrets you can unlock in Cuphead so you have something more do to after you’ve completed the game.

Unlock Black and White Filter Mode

  • Complete all six run and gun stages without shooting.

Cuphead Secrets Turtle

There are six run and gun stages throughout Cuphead. Most players blast their way through these levels, collecting coins so they can buy new items in the shop. However, if you play through all six of these levels without firing a single shot, you can unlock the black and white filter mode that changes the colors in the game to look like an old black and white cartoon. To do this you will need the Smoke Dash ability so you can move through some areas that would otherwise limit your progress.

After you clear the pirate ship and gain access to the docks area in Inkwell Isle Three (World 3), you’ll come across a turtle. Speak with this turtle and he’ll hint at how you can unlock this mode. Complete all of the run and gun stages without firing a shot (earning a P grade for Pacifist), then return to the turtle and speak with him again to unlock this display mode.

Unlock 2-Color Filter Mode

  • Beat at least 15 bosses an A grade or higher.

Cuphead Secrets Fork

If black and white just isn’t your thing, you can speak with the fork character in the middle of Inkwell Isle Three (World 3) and he’ll hint at a special two-color filter. To unlock this filter you simply need to beat at least 15 bosses with an A grade or higher, then return to the fork and speak with him once more. This mode makes some of the bosses pop a bit more as there’s a limited color palette which makes the limited colors seem more vibrant.

You can access both of these filters in the display options menu. For more strategies and advice, be sure to check out our Cuphead game hub!