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CS:GO to Valorant Sensitivity Conversion Guide

Transfer your sensitivity easily.

by Nikola L

Hi there! You must be a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player who wants to try (or migrate to) Valorant. Interesting choice. While the games may seem similar, Riot Games has added a lot of modern aspects to their vision of the competitive FPS genre. We will help you transfer your CSGO sensitivity to Valorant so that your muscle memory can serve you well from the get-go.

How to Convert CS:GO Sensitivity to Valorant

First, you need to view your sensitivity in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. There are two ways to do that.
From the main menu (if you have the developer console enabled), press your console key, bound to ~ by default.
Type in “sensitivity” without the quotation marks and hit enter. The value will come out in the console text.

Alternatively, click the Settings Cog, go to Game Settings, and then into the Keyboard / Mouse tab and you’ll spot the number next to Mouse Sensitivity.

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Now, remember or write down this number and divide it by 3.18 with a calculator. Of course, you probably won’t get a round number so you’ll need to round it up or down by using two decimal places. So for example, if you have values between 2.110 and 2.114, it rounds down to 2.11, and if you have values between 2.115 and 2.119, it rounds up to 2.12 instead. You probably won’t get 100% the same sensitivity, but if it’s at least 95-99% close, it will be fine.

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Now take that number to Valorant’s game settings and under Mouse, you will see “Sensitivity Aim” which you should adjust according to the number you’ve got. Some examples are below – left is CS:GO sensitivity for measure (you can easily add up numbers):

  • 1 -> 0.314
  • 1.1 -> 0.346
  • 1.2 -> 0.377
  • 1.3 -> 0.409
  • 1.4 -> 0.440
  • 1.5 -> 0.471

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