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How to Convert CS:GO Sensitivity to Valorant

by Prima Games Staff

The next tactical first-person shooter of Valorant has drawn in plenty of players from the world of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive or what is better known as CS:GO.

However, the sensitivity settings for CS:GO do not directly transition over to Riot Games’ FPS, which means players playing the new title need to find out what the correlating sensitivity setting is for them.

Fortunately, members of the community have created a helpful tool that will provide this information for you.

CS:GO Sensitivity to Valorant

Now, your first step is to find out what your sensitivity is for CS:GO. You can find out what this number is by going to the cogwheel icon on the left-hand side of the main menu for Counter-Strike and clicking it.

Select the keyboard/mouse option. Your mouse sensitivity will then be the fourth setting down from the top. Take note of this number. 

 CSGO Sensitivity to Valorant

Our next step is to go to a sensitivity converter website like this one and utilize the converter device. Input the number you got from your CS:GO settings.

The converter will then calculate what the corresponding figure for this setting in Valorant should be. 

CSGO Sensitivity to Valorant

Your final step is to go into Riot Games’ FPS and go into your settings. The number for the sensitivity setting in Riot Games’ FPS will then be the third option down from the top in the General section.

Change this number to what the converter calculated to be your correlating setting for this title when compared to Counter-Strike. 

CSGO Sensitivity to Valorant

You will now have a similar setting for both games, which should help CS:GO players feel much more comfortable when they are playing the newest high-profile game to enter the FPS genre and take the video game world by storm. 

We hope that converting your CS:GO sensitivity to Valorant will help you improve your aim in the first-person shooter! Let us know how it has helped you over on Facebook and Twitter!

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