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CS:GO BHop Commands List: How to Bunny Hop in CS:GO

BHop like it's the 90s again!

by Nikola L

The art of BHopping (Bunny Hopping) has been present in many FPS games and the roots of this virtual athleticism can be found in Quake and Half-Life. Even though “BHopping” was something that the developers of Counter-Strike did not want to see happening on a regular basis in the game, mainly due to the fact that CS was intended to be a slower-paced tactical FPS game rather than a fast-paced Arena Shooter, people still insist on doing it and find ways to even after the first “nerf” of BHop back in Counter-Strike 1.4. Here are the essentials for bunny hopping in CS:GO, including the commands list, so that you can try and be like the legendary “zBlock.”

How to Do Bunny Hopping in CS:GO: BHopping Command List

First things first: Developer Console needs to be enabled on your CS:GO client. See How to Open Console in CS:GO for help on this.

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Now, boot up the map you want, and make sure to kick bots (/bot_kick in console at start). Then, use the following commands (you can copy/paste them for ease of access):

  • sv_cheats 1;
  • sv_accelerate_use_weapon_speed 0;
  • sv_airaccelerate 12
  • sv_autobunnyhopping 1;
  • sv_enablebunnyhopping 1;
  • sv_maxvelocity 3500;
  • sv_staminajumpcost 0;
  • sv_staminalandcost 0;
  • sv_staminamax 0;
  • sv_staminarecoveryrate 0;

And there you have it! Now you’ll be a BHop pro in no time at all.

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