CS:GO Wallhack Console Command Guide

No, this will NOT work in Competitive Matchmaking, sorry to disappoint you.

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So, do you want to have some fun on your own private server with bots or with your friends? Enabling Wallhacks in your Console can certainly bring some spice to your custom games (we are totally not implying that you should troll your friends with this) and Prima Games is here to deliver a complete Console Command Guide for this. Oh and, you can also try and use it in Overwatch as well, to put yourself in a better perspective of the accused wallhacker.

How to Turn On Wallhack In CS:GO in Console

First things first, you have to be the server owner so that you can enter the “sv_cheats 1” command into the console. You do this by pressing the Tilde key (“~”). If you do not have the Developer Console enabled, please refer to this short guide:

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Now, when the cheats are enabled, every attendee on your server can use the client-side command to adjust their own wallhack settings.

To enable wallhacks, type in “r_drawOtherModels 2” in the console and hit the Enter key. Given that you are close enough to the entity (it can be a player, weapon, bomb, or a ball you can kick around in Dust II), you will see it clearly through the wall.

In order to disable this command, just type “r_drawOtherModels 1“. Why not 0, you may ask? Because that will turn off all model rendering. It might be a cool setting to take screenshots with if you disable the crosshair too.

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Another way of turning on a wallhack is to type in “enable_skeleton_draw 1“. It works slightly differently than the r_drawOtherModels, but it has the same purpose in the end for you (you can even try turning them both at the same time).

Can You Get VAC Banned or Into Any Trouble While Using These Commands?

The short answer is: no. As mentioned, these commands are only available if “sv_cheats” is set to 1 by the server owner or administrator. You can’t just glitch your way around that setting and turn it on in the Competitive Matchmaking, for example.
You could stumble upon a public server made for fun, that publicly declares that the “sv_cheats” is ON, and then you can use all the in-game cheats.

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Third-Party Wallhack Software Cheat in CS:GO

Without going in-depth about this matter, we will just advise you to not resort to such activities. When you get caught (it’s not an IF anymore), your account will sustain severe and permanent penalties. Just use the in-game commands where they are allowed, for fun and practice purposes, and do not resort to using cheat software because some of them also contain malicious code (along with the cheat) that may put your PC in jeopardy.

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