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Crossy Road Tips and Tricks – Earn More Coins, Get a High Score

by Prima Games Staff

Crossy Road wins the award for the only video game we play everywhere. Grilling meat outside? Crossy Road. Walking uphill on the treadmill at the gym? More Crossy Road. Spending quality time in the bathroom? OK, you get the idea. We can’t get enough of this addictive free-to-play take on the old school arcade classic, Frogger. Between aiming for a new high score to unlocking all of the unique characters, Hipster Whale’s entertaining game occupies plenty of time, and when we put the iPhone away, we still think about hopping log to log and narrowly avoiding oncoming traffic. 

Of course, it takes more than a rapid thumb to earn a high score in Crossy Road. If you keep getting squashed, no worries. These tips will tell you how to earn more coins and survive longer, beginning with perhaps the most obvious point.

Make sure you see the entire screen

With traffic coming from the left and right, it’s important to see everything before hopping across a multi-lane highway. With this in mind, make sure your thumb or another part of your hand doesn’t obscure the screen. Otherwise you’ll never see a truck until it’s too late. 

Look both ways before crossing the street 

When it comes to recognizing traffic patterns, remember cars and trucks appear from both directions at different speeds. If for example cars appear from the left, don’t position your character all the way near the left edge of the screen because you won’t have enough time to dodge. 

Ideally you should cross from somewhere in the middle, which gives you the best chance to react to all forms of traffic. 

Earn more coins in Crossy Road 

The more coins you have, the easier it will be to unlock different characters without paying for them. You’ll see coins scattered throughout the game, but collecting one coin at a time isn’t the best way to amass a virtual fortune. 

Instead, make a habit of completing in-game objectives. These often involve jumping onto a certain number of lily pads or scaring a handful of birds. You can only complete one objective at a time and the game keeps track of your progress. In the end, you receive a decent amount of coins for meeting each task. You will need to claim your reward from the title screen. 

Tip: Additionally, you can watch 30-second videos to earn a modest amount of coins. Let the video play in the background while you do something else around the house or at work. 

Don’t stand still for too long

Crossy Road penalizes you for inactivity. The screen slowly scrolls downward at all times, and if you hang out near the bottom for too long, it’s game over. Keep moving! 

Think one or two moves ahead

One of the best ways to avoid dying is to make note of upcoming roads, train tracks and logs, then determining your game plan. Will you move right to collect the coin at the risk of getting smashed by a truck, or take what appears to be the safer path on the left? And how fast are those logs moving along the water?

Additionally, always know where you’re headed. It’s possible to surround your character with trees and have nowhere else to go but to the game over screen. The same can be said of logs. Make sure you know the second and third log you plan to jump to well ahead of time to avoid flying off the screen.

Certain characters change the game

Swapping characters is more than a simple change.  Some will change the scenery and add obstructions that get in the way; for example, the Disco Zoo elephant causes music different sound effects, which may distract you.  Although it’s fun to test drive different characters, find one you love and stick with him, her or it. 

Tip: Don’t look at the high score on the screen. The more you obsess over this number, the easier it is to lose.

Don’t over tap 

Slow down those taps! It’s easy to hit the screen one time too many and accidentally fall into the water or land on some tracks with a speeding train on the way. 

Tip: You know a train is on the way if the light on the track shines red. You have roughly a half second or so to make it across the track before the train arrives. If you can wait it out, do so, since trains quickly speed by. 

Download Crossy Road: Endless Arcade Hopper for iOS and Android.

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