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Controller vs. Keyboard and Mouse for FPS Games: Which is Better?

A debate as old as Socrates.

by Daniel Wenerowicz
KBM vs Controller

There aren’t a lot of debates in the gaming space that get more heated than controller versus keyboard and mouse. Sometimes the console fans can get close in how heated they get about their first-party exclusives, but in recent years, the former debate has included nearly everyone who plays games online.

Since crossplay became a standard feature in most first-person shooters, the debate has entered the mainstream on a monthly basis. However, players want to know which peripheral is the true king of the shooter. Well, there’s a lot to cover and reasons that lend merit to both options—only a sith deals in absolutes.

Is the Keyboard and Mouse the True King of FPS Games?

Overall, the keyboard and mouse will be the better option in most cases. The question is which peripheral is the best of the two, and the simple selection is KB&M. Not only is the aim much more precise with enough practice, but the movement that it allows is unmatched by any controller player. Games like Counter-Strike and Valorant will always be far easier with a keyboard and mouse. Anyone attempting controllers here will get fried in seconds.

That doesn’t mean the controller should go without some recognition, though. In games like Halo and Call of Duty, controllers are actually considered the better option. Professional players in both games rely on simplistic movements, and the aim assist to outgun anyone who attempts to use a keyboard and mouse. Typically, first-person shooters with fewer controls and reliance on movement are where the controller can shine.

Movement is the real separation between controller and keyboard and mouse, not just the aim. With aim assist, both options will be viable in most games. If you compare them in a game like Fortnite, though, KB&M nearly always wins due to the movement advantage. The same rules apply to games like Rainbow Six Seige. Keyboard and Mouse players can flick and lean far better than controller players can.

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The real key is to know which game you’re playing to make a decision. If they aren’t Call of Duty or Halo, KB&M will likely get you further in competition. But if you are in those classic titles or even a game like Apex Legends, it’ll be tough to keep up with the controller players.

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Daniel Wenerowicz

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