Code Vein Isis Vestige Locations Guide: Unlock Isis Vestiges

Trying to complete the Isis Blood Code? Our Guide to the Code Vein Isis Vestige locations will help make this task a lot quicker.
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If you’ve gotten anywhere in Code Vein, then you’ll be familiar with the Vestige system. This is essentially what turns you from a garden-variety vampire into the Chosen Vampire. And if you think that this is some kind of plot spoiler, I’m sorry, but what on earth made you think that you weren’t going to be playing as the Chosen One in a game about anime vampires? Unlocking these Vestiges will give you missing gifts that are in your existing Blood Codes, so they’re handy in a pinch. Our Code Vein Isis Vestige locations guide will help you find the Isis vestiges so that you can recover your memories and get good at killing things.

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Code Vein Isis Vestige Locations Guide: Unlock Isis Vestiges

If you need to complete the Isis Blood Code, then you’re going to want to pick up the Isis Vestiges. The Isis Blood Code lets you carry out a whole bunch of ranged attacks using ichor. Sounds like a sizzling good time! If you’re wanting to unlock the Isis Vestige, you’re going to have to restore all of its fragments and defeat the Successor of the Ribcage. 

Here’s the complete list of Code Vein Isis Vestige locations for you. They’re all in the Cathedral of the Sacred Blood, just for your information:

  • Part A is close to the Inner Tower Mistle. You’ll find a ladder close by and some breakable boxes to find this.
  • Part B involves sticking to the right of the map and taking the far set of stairs to pick it up.
  • Part C can be found as long as you make for the Artifice Tower Mistle and keep an eye out for a portion of the path that has the safety rail missing. Plop down here to get this part.
  • Part D is picked up during the course of playing through the game.
  • Part E is found within the Cathedral Perimeter. Scale the first ladder that you see onto the lower floor, follow the path, and then ascend to find a platform with this part on it.

Now that you have our Code Vein Isis Vestige locations guide to hand, collecting all the parts should be easy. After you have them all, you’ll be able to restore the Vestiges, defeat the Successor of the Ribcage, and unlock the Blood Code for yourself. If you need a hand with anything else related to anime vampires, check out our guide on where to find Dark Depths Maps.


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