If you've been cracking through Code Vein and you fancy yourself a completionist, then simply getting the good ending isn't going to be enough. No, you're going to want to make sure that you're picking up the Code Vein hidden trophies too for that sweet, sweet validation. We've got a list of those hard-to-find achievements along with their corresponding secret trophy requirements for your viewing pleasure.

Code Vein Hidden Trophies Guide: Secret Trophy Requirements

Check out our list of the hidden trophies and their requirements below so you know exactly what you're getting into. We've even alphabetized them for you.

  • Blade Bearer and the Cannoneer - kill the Blade Bearer and the Cannoneer in the Crypt Spire
  • Butterfly of Delirium - kill the Butterfly of Delirium in the Ruined City Center
  • Coco's Memories - view Coco's memory echoces
  • Davis' Memories - view Davis' memory echoes
  • Determiner of Fate - view every ending
  • Dweller in the Dark - view the Dweller in the Dark ending
  • Gilded Hunter - defeat the Gilded Hunter in the Ashen Cavern
  • Heirs - view the 'Heirs' ending
  • Insatiable Despot - defeat the Insatiable Despot in the dried-up trenches
  • Invading Executioner - defeat the Invading Executioner in the Howling Pit
  • Io's Memories - view Io's memory echoes
  • Juzo Mido - defeat Juzo Mido, the boss of the Crypt Spire
  • Louis' Memories - view Louis' memory echoes
  • Mia's Memories - view Mia's memory echoes
  • Murasame's Memories - view Murasame's memory echoes
  • Oliver Collins - kill Oliver Collins in the Ruined City Underground
  • Queen's Knight - kill the Queen's Knight in your memory
  • Queen's Knight Reborn - kill the Queen's Knight in the Provisional Government Outskirts
  • Skull King - kill the Skull King in the Gaol of the Stagnant Blood
  • Successor of the Breath - kill the Successor of the Breath in the Ridge of Frozen Souls
  • Successor of the Claw - kill the Successor of the Claw in the City of Falling Flame
  • Successor fo the Ribcage - kill the Successor of the Ribcage in the Cathedral of the Sacred Blood
  • Successor of the Throat - kill the Successor of the Throat in the Crown of Sand

Now that you've got our list of the Code Vein hidden trophies to hand, working your way through them should be much easier. If you aren't quite sure where to start, check out our guide to getting the Good Ending in the game.